Naruto: 5 Jutsu That’d Be USELESS In Real Life

With a diverse cast of shinobi, Naruto entertains its audience with unexpected and creative Jutsu. As viewers, it's fun to imagine what it would be like to wield the same powers as our favorite characters. But while many Jutsu are useful in the shinobi world, some techniques would be pointless in real life.

Not all Jutsu are created equally in the Naruto universe. The following techniques aren't necessarily the weakest ones, but they would be the least applicable and practical in modern-day society.

8 Inner Gates

Shinobi contain eight gates that regulate the flow of chakra in their body. These gates exist to limit chakra output so the wielder won't injure their physical body with overexertion. While the average shinobi uses 20% or less of their chakra potential, some learn to open their gates through rigorous training. As an exceptional taijutsu user, Might Guy learns how to open all eight chakra gates.

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The 8 Inner Gates Jutsu opens the eighth and final gate, known as the Gate of Death. While opening this increases the user's power a hundred times over, this is a sacrificial Jutsu that typically leads to death. The red radiating from the wielder's body is actually mist made from their own blood as their body heats up until it incinerates. While this is a powerful and respected Jutsu, it would ultimately lead to a brutally painful and unnecessary death in real life.

The Aburame Clan's Insect Jamming Technique

The Insect Jamming Technique is a unique Jutsu specific to Shino and the Aburame clan in Naruto. At birth, a member of the Aburame becomes a living nest for insects that they can use in combat. When using the Insect Jamming Technique, Shino has his Kikaichū insects spread out over a large area. The Kikaichū regularly feed off his chakra, causing each insect to emit their own signals.

This causes confusion and jams a sensory shinobi's chakra detection, making it difficult for them to find the Jutsu wielder. Without the presence of chakra users and sensory-type shinobi, there is no need to block chakra signals in real life. Additionally, being a living nest for insects would have many drawbacks in real life, like scaring away potential friends.

Tobi's Frilled-Neck Lizard Jutsu

Tobi's Frilled-Neck Lizard Jutsu offers comedic relief during his fight with Kakashi, Naruto and Kiba. With suspenseful music playing in the background, Tobi dramatically announces a hidden Jutsu while wielding hand signs. Kakashi tells Naruto and Kiba to get back, preparing for a strong Jutsu attack. Tobi reveals his Frilled-Neck Lizard hidden Jutsu that makes him resemble the creature when hanging upside down. There aren't any real-life practical applications for this Jutsu, except making a neat party trick.

The First Hokage's Tenth Edict of Enlightenment

Yamato and the First Hokage are the only shinobi capable of using the Tenth Edict of Enlightenment. This Jutsu is powerful enough to suppress a tailed beast's chakra. The wielder has the kanji form of "sit" written on the palm of their hand, which they use to touch the jinchūriki's head. Using wood style to create ten wooden pillars encircling the jinchūriki, their chakra is suppressed. This method keeps Naruto under control and prevents him from harming his own body when his Nine-Tails chakra begins to take over. Despite its rarity and power, there are no real-life applications for this Jutsu.

The Akimichi Clan's Triple Pill Threat

7 choji stops jirobo

The Akimichi clan has a secret technique: using three pills -- the Spinach Pill, Curry Pill and Chili Pill -- that increase their strength by converting body fat into chakra. Each pill is more effective than the last, gradually increasing the user's power.

However, this power comes at a high and dangerous price. The pills poison and damage the user's body, and each one is more dangerous than the last. If the user resorts to the final Chili Pill, all their body fat is converted to chakra and they become emaciated. Between the poison and fat loss, the wielder often dies. This Jutsu would be both deadly and unnecessary in real life.

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