My Villain Academia: Where MHA Season 4 Left Shigaraki and the League

The most anticipated arc of My Hero Academia Season 5 is almost upon us. My Villain Academia kicks off in a few days and as the title suggests, it will focus entirely on the series' villains.

Tomura Shigaraki and the League of Villains have been mostly absent so far this season, but the upcoming storyline promises to more than make up for lost time. Here's a full refresher on where Shigaraki, Overhaul, Dabi and the rest left off in Season 4.

Season 4 of My Hero Academia saw Shigaraki and the League of Villains exercising an unprecedented amount of independence. All For One's defeat at the hands of All Might (and resulting capture) left Shigaraki without a sponsor. His guardian, Kurogiri, also left him on his own to go find some more muscle for the League. For the first time, the League of Villains was entirely in Shigaraki's hands -- and he rose to the occasion.

The League's first order of business was to increase its numbers, which is how they first met Overhaul. He was twice introduced to the League as a prospective new member, but any illusions of cooperation were shattered when Overhaul killed a beloved member of their team: Big Sis Magne.

The fateful meeting with Overhaul was also the League's first brush with the Shie Hassaikai. Rather than join the League, Overhaul planned to have the Hassaikai assimilate them. The yakuza leader's offer insulted Shigaraki but there weren't many other options. He deftly negotiated a fairer arrangement with Overhaul, where the League would retain its autonomy but Toga and Twice would work part-time as Yakuza members.

However, Overhaul's activities attracted the attention of Pro Heroes who quickly closed in. Their raid on the Hassaikai headquarters was a success, due in part to subtle manipulation and sabotage by Toga and Twice. Overhaul was captured but, while en route to Tartarus, Shigaraki ambushed his convoy and stole the Quirk-erasing bullets Overhaul had spent years perfecting. He even cut off the yakuza leader's hands for good measure, leaving Overhaul Quirkless for all intents and purposes.

For most of the League of Villains, that was the last time they appeared in MHA. However, the most mysterious member had yet to make much of an impact and wasn't about to be outdone. Dabi orchestrated the Nomu attack at Kyushu to ascertain Hawks' loyalty to the League. His test caused destruction on a scale comparable to the Kamino incident and almost killed Endeavor, the newly minted #1 Pro Hero. It took Endeavor's biggest Plus Ultra effort to finally take the Nomu down, but even that test didn't fully convince Dabi about Hawks. Dabi's actions after the attack also hinted he may have some greater hidden agenda, but his failure to retrieve the Nomu cost the League their final remaining juggernaut.

The League of Villains had certainly seen better days by the end of My Hero Academia Season 4, but their spirit remains unbroken. If anything, their brush with Overhaul and the Hassaikai only strengthened the team's bonds. The prize Shigaraki swiped from Overhaul also can't be forgotten. Even without the resources to replicate them, the Quirk-erasing bullets currently in his possession are probably the most dangerous weapons in MHA right now. My Villain Academia is sure to develop the League further, strengthening them both as individuals and a team.

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