My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission Theater-Goers Treated to New BTS Bonuses

World Heroes' Mission has already broken records for the My Hero Academia franchise in Japan, but the movie's producers are hoping to push it even further with the announcement of new bonuses for ticket buyers.

Fans who purchase a ticket for World Heroes' Mission after Sept. 11 will be given a 20 page booklet featuring behind the scenes sketches and character designs from the movie's production. The booklet also includes a Q&A section with Kenji Nagasaki, who directed the movie as well as all five seasons of the MHA anime. The free book will also include reproduction autographs from the series' stars, including  Daiki Yamashita, who plays the role of Deku; Bakugo's voice actor Nobuhiko Okamoto; Yuki Kaji, the voice of Todoroki; and Kamen Rider Fourze's Ryo Yoshizawa, who plays the role of Rody Soul, one of the new international heroes introduced in the movie. Samples of the new art can be seen below.

Details about the international release of World Heroes' Mission were recently announced: Funimation will give the movie a limited theatrical run beginning on October 29 in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland, and on October 28 in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. The company is also planning a theatrical release in Scandinavia, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru at a later date. It's currently unknown if any of the bonus material given out at Japanese theaters will be officially distributed to fans outside of the country.

World Heroes' Mission is the most successful movie in the My Hero Academia franchise. Despite being out for less time and being released in the middle of Japan's latest COVID-19 related state of emergency, the movie has already grossed more at the box office than either of the previous two MHA movies. The movie is set during the events of the fifth season of the anime, and sees Deku framed for an atrocious crime. Now on the run from law enforcement with his fellow Endeavor interns Bakugo and Todoroki, Deku and his friends dawn new, stealthier costumes while they try to unravel the conspiracy surrounding the group known as Humanity, a dangerous cult that wants to stop the spread of super-power granting Quirks. The trio of heroes recruit a new team of international pro-heroes from around the world in order to stop Humanity's plans and clear Deku's name.

The latest season of My Hero Academia is currently being simulcast on Funimation and Crunchyroll. Previous seasons of the series can also be streamed from those services, as well as Hulu and Netflix. The original My Hero Academia manga by Kohei Horikoshi is localized and distributed by VIZ Media outside of Japan.

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