My Hero Academia Season 5: What to Expect From the Anime’s Return

The return of the hit anime My Hero Academia has been officially announced, and with it, the tale of Deku's struggle to become the greatest hero of Japan will continue into its fifth season. While it should come as no surprise to ardent fans of the series that Studio Bones has My Hero Academia's fifth season in the works, an announcement so soon after Season 4 was less certain considering that there have previously been several year gaps between seasons.

Very little has been revealed so far about what's in store in Season 5 -- at least, for those not following the manga -- and the ending of Season 4 raised more questions than it answered. An announcement poster and 40-second promotional video have been released, both of which hint at the plot of the season's first cour; yet, they seem to avoid spoiling any key moments. Manga readers, of course, already know what lies ahead, but while the coming season won't hold much suspense for them, it does offer the opportunity to see some fan-favorite moments animated.

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In anticipation of Season 5, let's cover where the last season left off, as well as the news surrounding what's ahead.

When Does Season 5 Air?

season 5 my hero academia

Season 5 of My Hero Academia will premiere in spring 2021. No exact date has been announced yet but most spring anime premiere sometime in April, and My Hero Academia isn't likely to deviate from this. The poster featured above officially revealed the spring 2021 air window, along with what seems to be a costume update for Class 1-A and the surprise return of Shinso Hitoshi, a student that was last relevant during the Sports Festival in Season 2.

With the exception of Season 1, the series has followed a 25 episode format so far. This means that Season 5 will air for approximately six months, giving Studio Bones and series creator Kohei Horikoshi more time to work on Seasons 6 and 7. It's important to note that, despite rumors, neither the manga or the anime are ending soon -- traditionally, Shonen Jump and most animation studios announce when a series is entering its final arcs.

Past seasons were available at Crunchyroll, Hulu and Funimation as they aired in Japan. For now, it's safe to assume this will be applicable to Season 5 as well.

Where Did Season 4 Leave Off?

At the end of Season 4, Endeavor cemented his status as the #1 hero in Japan by defeating the high-end nomu known as Hood. His victory demonstrated Japan isn't helpless now that All Might has permanently retired from hero work, but it was also one with ominous undertones. If Hood was a foe that even the strongest hero in Japan seriously struggled to defeat, then he's a dark harbinger of the forces our heroes may face in the future. It's unlikely we've seen the last of the high-end nomu.

The final episodes of the season also introduced the top 10 heroes of Japan -- with some faces fresh and some familiar ones -- during the Hero Billboard Chart rankings. Just like with the high-end nomu, the top 10 heroes will likely be important characters going forward, especially the #2 hero, Hawks. He joined Endeavor for the battle against Hood and demonstrated impressive mastery of his Quirk by being able to rescue around 70 civilians from a toppling skyscraper in less than a minute. Hawks' suave smile and laid-back attitude seem to be a front concealing an unexpected serious side. The story has hinted that there's more to him than we yet know.

Season 4 also ended on a mysterious cliffhanger. Deku awoke into an eerie dreamscape where he stood among the glowing vestiges of the previous holders of One For All. As they observed a clash between All For One and his brother, the latter beckoned to Deku. Though Deku woke up before he could discover what was happening and why, Season 5 is sure to delve more into this mystery.

What Will Season 5 Be About?

Now that the conflict against Overhaul, the school festival and Endeavor's showdown with Hood have nearly wrapped up, Season 5 is free to start off on a new note. Its promotional video reveals that Classes 1-A and 1-B will battle one another in a training competition. It seems like a lighthearted yet competitive story arc, with the chance to see how much all the students of Class 1-A have grown have as heroes, in addition to finally revealing the Quirks of many Class 1-B students. Shinso's prominent place in the trailer is especially significant since it hints at the chance of him joining either Class 1-A or Class 1-B, a development that was foreshadowed way back during the Sports Festival.

Additionally, though this wasn't featured in the promotional video, it's likely that we'll see Shigaraki's return sometime during Season 5. He played a minimal but still significant role in the first half of Season 4, then disappeared into the shadows for the second half of the season. All For One may have been arrested, but the Overhaul conflict proves that the League of Villains hasn't accepted defeat, and they now have a powerful asset: Quirk-erasing bullets.

The return of My Hero Academia is certainly positive news for anime fans, and for those who can't wait, there's never been a better time to catch up with the manga.

The My Hero Academia manga is available in English from Viz Media. New chapters are available weekly on Viz's official site. The My Hero Academia anime will return for a fifth season in spring 2021, though its exact release date has not yet been announced.

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