Gill $tackz Will Teach You “The Process” From A To Z

Newcomer to the rap game, DC-based rapper Gill $tackz has been praised by the majority of critics who covered his first releases. After the striking “Ballin,” his debut release, and “Plottin,” his follow-up drop, Gill is now releasing the third opus of his collection, titled “The Process.” The process opened-up with an epic electric guitar solo reminding us from 80’s and 90’s rock music. However, once Gill $tackz starts rapping, an incredible phenomenon happens with the blends of his rap over the soundscape, a truly original and interesting feel, supported by the raw and deep lyrics he masterfully performs. 

This meditation on the self and the world is pure proof of the potential of this fully aware artist, ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of getting close to the truth, not in the next life, but right now, right here. Have a listen to $tackz’ latest masterpiece down below: