My Hero Academia Season 5, Episode 6, Recap & Spoilers

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for My Hero Academia Season 5, Episode 6, "Foresight," now streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation and Hulu.

The 6th episode of My Hero Academia's fifth season, "Foresight," sees Yaoyorozu and Kendo face off in a battle of wits and fists, even as the rest of Class A struggle against some powerful Quirks. The competition between the two goes beyond the general training itself, feeling more personal between them -- in a friendly way. Yaoyorozu and Kendo are often compared to one another due to their shared internship and the perception that they are the brains behind their respective classes.

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Regardless of if those comparisons are warranted or wanted, Yaoyorozu or Kendo are nonetheless matched up against one another. Each of them pulls out all the stops to beat the other, but there can only be one winner in the match between Class 1-A and 1-B.

After some recap of the action so far, we jump right back into the match with mushrooms blossoming on every conceivable surface, including Yaoyorozu and Hagakure. Tokoyami and Aoyama are still flying overhead, but the mushrooms reach them as well, disgusting Aoyama. Komori's Quirk is simple, powerful and fairly creepy -- she can make release spores from her body and seed mushrooms anywhere she wants. The more humid it is, the faster and thicker they grow. This is physically inconvenient but seems to be more of a psychological attack in some ways.

As Hagakure and Yaoyorozu struggle with the mushrooms, Kuroiro reflects on Kendo's plan. Plan A was to use Kuroiro's Dark Quirk to mess with Tokoyami's Dark Shadow and then grab another one of the Class A heroes -- just as we saw in Episode 5. Then, Plan B was to use Komori's Mushroom Quirk. With everything going just as Kendo planned, it's clear that her tactical and strategic abilities are among her greatest strengths.

Even as Class A's team struggles with the mushrooms, things get worse. Fukidashi Manga unleashes his Quirk -- the ability to materialize onomatopoeias and sound effects from comics into physical form, with some even emulating attributes of those spoken words. This results in a gigantic word-wall of concrete being erected between the Class A teammates, dividing them. Yaoyorozu is isolated, and Kendo makes her move. In her words, she's separated the "brain," implying without Yaoyorozu's leadership, Kendo expects Team Class A to crumble.

Kendo is basing her strategy on Yaoyorozu's performance at the Sports Festival, where she was overwhelmed with rapid physical attacks and left with no time to use her intellect. Kendo tries to replicate this, using her Big Fist Quirk to rapidly attack Yaoyorozu, who's left to struggle behind some hastily made metal shields. However, Kendo is underestimating her, as Todoroki notes from the sidelines. Still, Class B locks in another advantage as Kuroiro manages to capture Aoyama yet again, this time trapping him properly and making the score for Class B 1-0.

Todoroki recalls when he and Yaoyorozu were forced to face off against Eraserhead in training. Todoroki seemed to be the more dangerous of the two, but Aizawa's experience and planning outdid him. In the end, it was Yaoyorozu who got them out of trouble, with a little confidence boost from Todoroki. Yaoyorozu does tend to freeze up in battle -- but it's a flaw she's trained against and has started to put behind her. Even as Yaoyorozu took Kendo's blows, she was thinking about how she was inadequate and inexperienced, but she didn't let her insecurities overcome her. She stayed strong and came up with a new plan.

Yaoyoruzu reveals that she'd created a cannon behind her metal shields. At first, it seems like a clear bluff -- she wouldn't blow Kendo away. However, to Kendo's surprise, Yaoyoruzu fires what's in the cannon off over the wall, where the soaring Tokoyami catches it. It's a "Lucky Bag," but just what's in it remains to be seen. Of course, Yaoyorozu is still trapped with Kendo, who lunges forward, desperate to end the fight.

Meanwhile, Kuroiro and Kumori are hiding among the pipes, with Kumori still wreaking havoc with her fungi. Kuroiro is somewhat shy around Kumori, in stark contrast to his confidence earlier. As he tentatively asks her if she thinks the other team will find them in this location, Tokoyami comes soaring through the pipes toward them with a new set of thermal goggles. Yaoyoruzu knew she was trapped, so she quickly created bottles of disinfectant to purge the mushrooms and a pair of goggles for Tokoyami to find their opponents, revealing that her "Lucky Bag" was filled with the tools needed for her classmates to win.

Fukidashi, meanwhile, is attacked by the now mushroom-free and freshly invisible Hagakure, who starts beating on him without mercy. Tokoyami, meanwhile, soars into Kuroiro and Kumori's hiding place and quickly takes them both down with his "Sabbath" attack. He bundles up Kuroiro in his cloak, so he has nowhere to run, and Dark Shadow holds Kumori in place. With 3/4 of Class B's team trapped, it seems like Class A has this in the bag.

However, Tokoyami starts coughing, revealing Kumori's trump card. She explains another side of her Quirk which is usually "not cute, so it's sealed away." Still, she can't let her team lose and has used her Quirk to start growing mushrooms inside Tokoyami's lungs. Kumori seems innocent, but it's clear that she's ruthless and that her Quirk is powerful and dangerous.

Kendo appears with an unconscious Yaoyorozu and cannon strapped to her and immobilizes Hagakure with her fist, saving Fukidashi. Still, Kendo doesn't feel as though she's won considering how adept Yaoyorozu was tactically. Kendo had to drag the cannon and Yaoyorozu across the whole battlefield to get back in the fray. Things could have gone the other way if Kumori hadn't used her Quirk to put Tokoyami down. Kendo and Class B managed to succeed in the end, but it was more due to luck and secret abilities than strategy.

Class A and B look on as Kendo's team are declared the winners with a score of 4-0. Still, Deku is impressed with his classmates, knowing they all showed tremendous growth and improvement. All Might is happy too -- the students have taken another step towards realizing their dream of becoming heroes.

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