My Hero Academia: Lady Nagant Gets All the Shine, But [SPOILER] Is Still a Threat

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for My Hero Academia #312, by Kohei Horikoshi, Caleb Cook and John Hunt, available now in English from Viz Media.

The My Hero Academia manga recently introduced the instant fan-favorite, sniper assassin Lady Nagant. The excitement surrounding her debut has been well deserved since her unique perspective has taken the story to newer heights. But, with all the fuss surrounding her, fans seem to have overlooked the return of another important villain.

As Chapter #312 reveals, joining Nagant is none other than Kai Chisaki, aka Overhaul. During All For One’s assault on Tartarus, she freed him and escaped with the former yakuza head. She freed him in the hopes that he'd be useful to her and, despite Chisaki being basically useless so far, the two have remained together since her jailbreak.

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Overhaul was a main antagonist in his prime. He created bullets capable of erasing Quirks and leaked them to the public so he could gain control of the criminal underworld. He had dreams of becoming a villain boss like All For One and exploited the helpless Eri to that end. It all came to naught when the heroes caught wind of his actions. They raided his hideout to rescue Eri and a fierce battle ensued. In the end, Overhaul was captured, but not without heavy casualties on both sides.

His ambitions earned him enemies not only among the heroes but also the League of Villains. He’d offended them when he suggested they put their organization under his and, although the heroes had their due, the League wasn’t done with him. They ambushed the van transporting Overhaul to Tartarus and cut off his arms, causing him to supposedly lose his Quirk.

Overhaul’s Quirk was a large part of why he was considered dangerous. He could disassemble any form of matter and reshape it how he saw fit. It even worked on living things. A single touch from Overhaul was enough to kill anyone if he wished. Losing his Quirk does  make him significantly less dangerous than before, but he’s not completely harmless.

Chisaki still has his status. As leader of the Shie Hassaikai, he definitely had an extensive network of dangerous contacts all across Japan’s underbelly. They may not be so willing to co-operate with him, but their information would likely be invaluable to All For One. Since the villain boss is looking to take over, he’d be wary of potential usurpers to crush or allies to add to his ranks. However, given Chisaki's unbalanced state, he's not exactly primed to do much negotiating.

My Hero Academia Chapter 312

Overhaul also retains his immense intellect. He is a careful strategic leader who could put together a team formidable enough even without his combat abilities. After all, during his first encounter with the heroes, he left most of the fighting to his underlings and only joined the fray when he absolutely had to. Overhaul also has all the knowledge he gained before he was captured, including the knowledge of how to create the Quirk-erasing bullets. He won’t be able to manufacture any just yet though, as he no longer has Eri in his possession.

Overhaul’s only goal since escaping Tartarus seems to be reuniting with his "boss." He hasn’t shown any of his former ambition and instead is fixated on getting to his adoptive father. Before taking over, Overhaul put him in a comatose state using his Quirk and promised to revive him after restoring the yakuza. Having lost the ability to revive him, he might be in search of other means to awaken his father. Overhaul doesn’t seem like much of a threat now, but he certainly has the means to be if the pieces fall into place just right.

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