My Hero Academia Fans React to [SPOILER] Being the Traitor

The latest chapter of My Hero Academia has finally confirmed who the traitor is, and fans have expressed a wide variety of reactions to the reveal.


MHA readers have known for awhile that there's a traitor within the halls of U.A. High School, and the latest chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's superhero story seemingly confirms that traitor to be Toru Hagakure, Class 1A's oft-forgotten Invisible Girl. The reveal comes at the end of the chapter, which mostly focuses on both sides of the upcoming conflict regrouping after the last battle's devastating conclusion. The pro heroes and students at U.A. High rally behind Deku and thank Star and Stripe for her heroic sacrifice, while All For One, back in his original body as Shigaraki continues to writhe in pain from the side effects of absorbing the New Order Quirk, contemplates his contingency plans.

Reaction to Toru's apparent betrayal has run the gamut of emotions, from complete apathy to utter shock. Some feel the reveal was too obvious and predictable, while others expressed disappointment that the traitor was one of the Class 1A members, feeling that the betrayal is contrary to the camaraderie that the students have been developing since the start of the series. Some readers are happy to see Toru, who is often reduced to a comedic relief character or a minor player in the series' najor events, finally get a chance to take the spotlight, while other fans are worried that this twist signals guarantees a bad ending for the otherwise cheery and optimistic character. A few fans were disappointed that the traitor wasn't the electrically charged Denki Kaminari, who was also the subject of wide-spread speculation.

While an official end date has yet to be announced, My Hero Academia is clearly building up to its final showdown between Deku and All For One. Publisher Shueisha announced earlier this year that the manga had entered its "final act," and Horikoshi has stated that the story has already gone on for longer than he had originally planned.

Anime-only fans of the series still have plenty to look forward too, however. The series recently wrapped up up its fifth season and confirmed that it will return for a sixth, which will adapt the eventful Paranormal Liberation War arc. A premiere date for the sixth season has yet to be announced, but the show's producers are already hyping up the next showdown between Deku and Shigaraki with a brief teaser video and new art.

My Hero Academia is available in English and distributed internationally by VIZ Media. All five seasons of the anime are available for streaming on Funimation, Crunchyroll, Netflix and Hulu.

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