Monogatari: Senjougahara Hitagi’s Zodiac Sign & How It Defines Her

In July 2009, the popular supernatural series Monogatari made its anime debut. Viewers have followed Araragi Koyomi and his friends as they manage all manner of affliction -- be it an Oddity, a trauma or a hard fact of life. However, even more interesting than the protagonist is his principal love interest, Senjougahara Hitagi. With an acidic wit and a distant, independent disposition, Senjougahara is hardly the typical damsel in distress. And while her personality may seem impenetrable, her zodiac sign provides fans with a great deal of insight.

With a birthday on July 7, Senjougahara's zodiac sign is Cancer, a sign shared by more than a few impressive characters in anime. Cancers are known for being careful homemakers, thus prone to introverted, even hermitic behavior. They tend to prefer only the company of those who are closest to them, taking on an almost matriarchal role within their families or friend groups. However, partly due to the keystone position they hold within their core groups, Cancers also tend to keep new people at arm's length. As such, they can come off as inaccessible, even dismissive.

In certain aspects, Senjougahara Hitagi is a textbook Cancer. Because of her quick wit and distant disposition, most people find it difficult to interact with her. However, she seems undaunted by this. In fact, at the time of her introduction in Bakemonogatari she tends to lean into her isolated lifestyle.

In her first year of high school, Senjougahara came into contact with an Oddity -- a spiritual creature or apparition -- called the Heavy Stone Crab (or "Crab of Weight," as it's sometimes translated). Although the Heavy Stone Crab took on the weight of her past, traumatic experiences, it also left her almost totally weightless.

At the time of her chance introduction to Araragi, Senjougahara's weight was said to be a mere 5 kilograms, just over 11 standard pounds. True to the character traits of a Cancer, rather than seek out assistance from others, Senjougahara opts to avoid others completely. It's significant that her Oddity resembles a crab, as the symbol for the Cancer sign is also a crab.

There are times when Senjougahara displays deliberately aggressive behavior in Monogatari, going so far as to attack classmates with stationery items. During these moments, her weapon of choice is a stapler, a device that resembles the claw of a crab. Though a small detail, of all the potential "weapons" available to her, it's significant that she would choose one related to her zodiac sign.

While she infrequently displays them, Senjougahara also possesses the more tender traits of the Cancer sign. In the wake of his assistance with the Heavy Stone Crab ordeal, Araragi became the first truly close friend Senjougahara had in recent years. By virtue of his willingness to prove his friendship, he earned a coveted place in her small circle of trust. In return, Senjougahara is devoted to Araragi and quick to come to his defense. Thus, once someone has managed to accept and move past her hard (one might even say crab-like) shell, they'll find they've made an ardent, dependable companion.

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