Miss Nagatoro! Finale: Toying Time Is Over as Hayase Gives Her All For Naoto

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 12 of Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro!, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Miss Nagatoro!'s long-awaited school festival finally begins in the season finale. Naoto Hachioji is waging war with the art club president, a stern third-year girl who does not approve of his antics with the Hayase Nagatoro squad. The club will be shut down unless Naoto can make the ultimate art exhibit, and Hayase is his best ally in this effort.

Naoto is still unsure if he can pull this off, but Hayase and her friends have faith in him. They also have a secret weapon up their sleeves, which they've kept secret until the day of the festival. As it all gets underway in Episode 12, and Naoto can hardly believe what he's seeing.

Hayase Nagatoro's Cat Girl Squad Is On The Scene

Earlier, Naoto's doubts about his work had nearly driven Hayase away, but once they made amends, Hayase figured out the perfect strategy to draw the crowds to Naoto's exhibit: dress up in her catgirl outfit. And she's not alone -- Yoshi and Sakura are in more cartoony catsuits, and they call themselves Torocats One, Two and Three. Even though Hayase feels horribly self-conscious, they make a big show of things while Gamo serves as the announcer. It's working -- lots of students enjoy the Torocat Squad's antics, and they make a game out of Hayase teasing them about their haircuts or other odds and ends. Meanwhile, the art club president is silently and sternly watching all this, clearly confident that her brand new, nude self-portrait will win the day.

The president has a problem though. Her painting is too R-rated for a high school setting, and the student council demands that she take it down. According to them, the art club president is practically cheating by drawing in all the male students to check out her risque painting, an accusation that outrages the accused. That's when Hayase steps in, and while she is no stranger to R-rated games, she also wants Naoto to beat the president fair and square in their art competition. Gamo and Sakura speak up too, showing video evidence of how not everyone was panting at the president's self-portrait. Plenty of viewers were taking it seriously as art. Ultimately the student council relents, and the president's exhibit is saved. She owes her biggest rival a favor.

Love Is the Ultimate Paintbrush for Naoto

hayase with art club president nagatoro

The art club president is humbled and impressed, quietly grateful for the help. Of course, Hayase and her friends get right in her face about this and make sure to punish her for losing the competition (the president rescinded the art club's dissolution as thanks). Hayase doesn't have to be the only one dressing up -- soon enough, the president herself is selling merchandise in a bunny girl outfit and is still wearing that outfit when she visits Naoto in his own exhibit as the festival is winding down.

Hayase arrives just in time to hear the art club president finally lavish some praise on Naoto. Once she lays eyes on Naoto's exhibit of "Hayase Nagatoro's everyday life" paintings, she admits that while the work is a bit clumsy at times, it is coming from the heart, and that's what matters most. There's no denying it: Naoto poured some serious love into these paintings, and Hayase is deeply flustered but isn't about to object.

The art club president wishes them well and leaves, and Naoto joins Hayse and her friends as they head off to the auditorium to wrap up the festival. Art or no art, there's no denying the bond they share as Season 1 of Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro! wraps up in delightful style.

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