Millionaire Detective’s Finale Reveals a SHOCKING Plot Twist

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Episode 11 of The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited, "All that glitters is not gold" now streaming on Funimation.

In the season finale of Millionaire Detective, the reason why Daisuke's mother was murdered and why his father, Shigemaru, came back from the grave after all these years is revealed. With it, Daisuke finally gets the answers that he's been waiting for almost two decades, and Haru is finally able to get justice for Cho-san and Takei. And there's also a surprising plot twist to keep everyone on their toes.

But now a bigger question lurks: Daisuke came to the Modern Crimes department solely to solve the mystery of his mother's death. With that solved, what happens now? What will happen to Daisuke and Haru's partnership?

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How Daikue's Hunt for Shigemaru Ends

millionaire detective ep 11 daisuke past dad

The episode begins with a flashback recounting the days after the death of Daisuke's mother and the supposed death of his father: He participated and won a few boxing matches but otherwise, wiled his time away. That is until he received a package containing his now-iconic pair of sunglasses that connect him to HEUSC. Using the glasses, he receives all of the files related to his parents' deaths, leading him all the way to Japan and his first encounter with Haru.

In the present time, the two detectives arrive at the family villa and burst in to find Shigemaru had left after applying some first aid. They immediately split off to find more clues: Haru finds a secret passageway that leads him to a train and Daisuke finds a file labeled 'CONFIDENTIAL,' with photos of his family. As the two sit on the train, Haru asks him if he wants to seek revenge but Daisuke, after some thinking, replies that he merely wants to know the truth.

The train takes them all the way back to the Kambe residence where they meet Suzue who takes the file that Daisuke hands her. Suzue leaves and then the two confront Shigemaru who is waiting for them. Daisuke claims that his father was left-handed and Shigemaru had clutched at his side with his right hand when he was injured. 'Shigemaru' commends his keen insight, rips off his mask...  and reveals himself to be none other than the family butler, Hattori!

Daisuke Catches the Real Culprit

millionaire detective ep 11 kikuko

Daisuke knows that the real instigator is the family head and turns to his grandmother, Kikuko. Kikuko tells him that arresting her is useless: it'll take at least 10 years for them to settle on a verdict and by that time, she'd already be dead. Daisuke asks her if his father actually killed his mother.

19 years ago, Sayuri told Shigemaru that he couldn't keep adollium a secret while the family profits from it. When Shigemaru tells her that they can't reveal it to the public, she leaves. But a few days later, Shigemaru heads out to find his wife, all under the watch of Hattori and Kikuko. Unfortunately, Shigemaru arrives too late and finds Sayuri dead. Stunned, he pulls out the knife at the exact moment that young Daisuke sees. In an effort to protect him, Hattori whisks him away, hiding him.

While Kikuko is talking, Hattori, still sporting the injury from the shrapnel, is stopped by Haru. He returns Cho-san's die to him and Haru tries to arrest him but Hattori gets the best of him and grabs his gun. Even though he's weaponless, Haru knows he has the upper hand: Hattori's loyalty to Kikuko means that he wouldn't kill Haru since he wasn't given orders to do so. Hattori shoots his leg and the next bullet scratches his face but it does nothing to deter him as Haru throws himself on Hattori and grabs his stomach wound, squeezing until Hattori starts foaming at the mouth and has no choice but to let go of his gun.

The Future of Daisuke & Haru's Unlikely Partnership

millionaire detective ep 11 badge haru daisuke

As Kikuko makes tea, Daisuke says that he must carry on his mother, Cho-san and Takei's resolve. But Kikuko warns that should Daisuke leak the existence of adollium, it would destroy the world. Daisuke and Suzue, who was just about to release the information, hesitate. At that moment, Haru, severely injured, stumbles in and accidentally falls on the button which immediately starts releasing the information about adollium to the world. Daisuke can't help but laugh and says neither he nor Kikuko has the authority to decide what justice is. Daisuke finally arrests his grandmother for the deaths of his mother, Cho-san and Takei.

Haru refuses the offer to return to the First Division, saying that he doesn't need it to be a detective. Daisuke picks Haru up and they go to the beach where his father is living close by. He hasn't talked to his father. Haru offers his police badge back to him and Daisuke accepts.

In the post-credits scene, HEUSC is now working at the Modern Crimes department where the team uses it for things that are less than noble -- like buying sweets and playing poker. Meanwhile, Haru, decked out in a new tech suit, and Daisuke are on a mission in the U.S stopping the exchange of adollium in the black market. In a throwback reminiscent of the first episode, Daisuke blows up the bridge and Haru hangs off of it. Only this time, Daisuke offers his hand, but at the last minute, smirks and withdraws, leaving Haru to fall into the river.

The final count of the millionaire detective's balance? Unlimited.