Michal Menert Teases Potential Pretty Lights Collaboration at Concert

Are we finally moving towards Pretty Lights' grand return?

During one of Michal Menert's recent performances, fans in attendance witnessed a potential unreleased collaboration with the electronic music icon, whose extended hiatus continues to mystify fans.

Fortunately for them, an attendee captured footage of the moment. While the video only features the song itself, its uploader has stated that Menert said, "This a collab with my big homie, PLF [Pretty Lights Family] in the house," before dropping the track.

Pretty Lights, whose real name is Derek Vincent Smith, is a household name with many readers, but many may not be familiar with Menert. In the beginning Pretty Lights was not a solo act, but a collaborative effort between Menert and Smith. In the early stages of the project, Smith and Menert would part ways with the former retaining the Pretty Lights moniker and the latter finding success on his own.

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Michal Menert Teases Potential Pretty Lights Collaboration at Concert

If the song gets an official release, it would mark Pretty Lights' first track in almost five years.

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Seeing the two artists back at it again has already sent the tight-knit fanbase into a frenzy. It's safe to say an official release would serve as an excellent end to their Pretty Lights drought. 

At the time of writing, neither Menert nor Smith have officially confirmed the collaboration.


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