Lux Beauregard Unveils A Dynamic Chemistry Of Sounds On Debut “Fireworks”

Baroque pop, Indie-pop singer-songwriter Lux Beauregard has just recently unveiled a dynamic chemistry of sounds under the form of a debut single simply titled “Fireworks.” Beauregard displays her fine skills and sharp musicality, for what can be considered an extremely impressive and matured debut release. 

In “Fireworks” the gorgeous artist subtly talks about the coexistence of tragedy and beauty, an experience she personally felt last year. While the world was going in one of its most chaotic phases ever with the pandemic halting all activities worldwide, Lux wanted to juxtapose the personal joy that came her way romantically. Most representative of life, the contradictory emotions she has portrayed point out to her extreme sensitivity, vulnerability and ability to manipulate songwriting and poetry with a seamless ease. 

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