Dragon Ball Super Vol. 12: Moro Launches His Conquest of Earth

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Vol. 12, by Akira Toriyama, Toyotarou, Caleb Cook and Brandon Bovia, on sale now in English from Viz Media.

After his savage attack on New Namek, Moro is wasting no time setting his sights on a new planetary target in the latest translated volume of Dragon Ball Super. With Goku and Vegeta both forced to retreat from the initial skirmish and find a way to raise their overall combat power quickly, Moro and his crew of galactic prisoners decide to continue their rampage onto Earth.

While the planet certainly has its own set of hearty defenders without the two Super Saiyan Gods, the Z Fighters discover just how unprepared they are when the Galactic Bandit Brigade arrives.

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Led by the android villain Seven-Three, the Galactic Bandit Brigade follows Jaco and surviving Namekian Esca to the Lookout, where they fight against Piccolo. Seven-Three reveals his power to mimic up to three different fighters' abilities at once, employing several of Piccolo's signature attacks against him. Gohan intervenes and saves his mentor against the tireless opponent only for Seven-Three to mimic Moro's techniques, including the ability to absorb energy to make himself stronger.

Moro, sensing the ongoing battle from a distance, realizes that if he gives the Z Fighters more time to become stronger, he will have more energy to consume after their inevitable rematch. He calls Seven-Three away to provide Earth's warriors with approximately two months to prepare.

In the meantime, Goku and Vegeta are both off-world training separately for their second shot at taking down Moro. Vegeta has traveled to the planet Yardrat where Pybara teaches Vegeta to better balance his body and mind, visibly improving the Saiyan Prince's battle potential as he defends the planet from a scouting group sent by Moro. As Vegeta learns how to perform Instant Transmission in addition to raising his power, he senses that the battle for Earth has begun but decides to continue his training when he realizes Moro himself has not yet joined the fray.

Meanwhile, the Galactic Patrolman Merus intensifies his training of Goku. Under the rationale that Goku was previously only able to achieve the Ultra Instinct transformation when fighting for his life against Jiren, the Saiyan is pushed beyond his normal limits to gain a greater mastery of the powerful combat transformation. Goku also learns that Merus is brother to Universe 7's angel attendant Whis. It is revealed that if angels themselves become directly involved in combat and interfere with their universe's natural progression, they are permanently erased from existence as an immediate punishment.

After completing his training, Goku leaves for Earth but finds himself a bit lost in transit. Back on Earth, the battle reconvenes, with Gohan and Piccolo continuing their duel against Seven-Three while the rest of the Z Fighters more than hold their own against the rest of the Galactic Bandit Brigade; even Yamcha is able to take down three bandits singlehandedly. While Androids 17 and 18 show Seven-Three exactly what superior synthetic fighters look like in action as they join the battle, Moro is poised to personally make his grand entrance on Earth.

The Z Fighters may have won the initial skirmish against the Galactic Bandit Brigade. However, with Goku and Vegeta still off-world, their two heaviest hitters are absent as Moro sets out to add Earth to his long list of planets consumed in his never-ending hunger for ultimate power.

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