Lore Olympus: The Biggest Questions Answered Post-Time Skip

Rachel Smythe’s Lore Olympus has returned from its mid-season break on WEBTOON, and the story is slowly heating up as tensions between Zeus and the other gods arise over Persephone’s punishment.

Aside from the tensions though, fans were treated to a post-time skip where questions such as the fates of Daphne and Minthe were answered, which were hot topics going into the mid-season break. Here's a recap of some of the main questions that were answered in the latest chapters.

How Long Has Persephone Been in the Mortal Realm?

In the mid-season finale, Persephone and Demeter received the verdict and punishment for their crimes. Demeter was banished to the Mortal Realm and stripped of her powers. Persephone must continue her duties as the Goddess of the Spring and be the interim Goddess of Harvest and the Earth. She must fulfill all these duties until it meets Zeus’ expectations.

In the mid-season premiere, fans discover that ten years have passed, in which Zeus has yet to end Persephone’s punishment.

What Happened to Minthe?

Before meeting Persephone, Hades had an on-again-off-again relationship with his employee Minthe. When Hades realizes his feelings for Persephone, he ends his affair with Minthe even though she has feelings for him.

Soon after, Persephone overhears Minthe and Hades’ conversation. Persephone learns that Minthe is the one who reported her and Demeter to Zeus over the catastrophe that happened in the Mortal Realm. Persephone angrily chases Minthe, only to accidentally transform her into a potted plant. Due to unstable powers, Persephone couldn't transform Minthe back to her original body.

When Zeus announced Persephone’s punishment, one of the criteria was to transform Minthe back. Although Persephone was able to transform her back into her original body, it did not meet Zeus' expectations because, upon inspection, Minthe happened to have a pimple on that day, implying that her body is not intact.

Will Daphne Return?

Daphne is a nymph and one of Persephone's friends who starts dating Thanatos. One day in the Mortal Realm, the two promised to spend their evening together, but Daphne does not show up to meet Thanatos.

The reason for her absence is because of Apollo. Daphne encounters Apollo in the forest, and he gets shot with the arrow of hate by Ampelus, revealing the truth to Daphne about what he did to Persephone. Ampelus used the arrow because she was hoping that Artemis would see the true nature of her brother, but it turned into a disaster because Daphne became the one who saw Apollo’s true nature. Apollo chases after Daphne to prevent her from telling the truth to everyone. Apollo catches her, and Daphne eventually transforms into a statue in hibernation.

It was unclear how Daphne transformed back to her original body. However, readers see her spending time with Persephone in the Mortal Realm.

Who Sided with Persephone in the Mortal Realm?

While in the Mortal Realm, there were a few gods and goddesses that sided with Persephone. They are hinted at in an image where Daphne praises Persephone for her work in the Mortal Realm. These individuals are Helios, Thanatos, Eris and Artemis. Viewers can only speculate that Helios and Eris sided with Persephone because she came to their aid when they needed help. As for Thanatos, he may have stayed in the Mortal Realm because Daphne is there.

Artemis decided to move to the mortal world out of guilt and betrayal. She was left in the dark, not knowing that she was the daughter of Zeus; however, her twin brother Apollo and her mother Leto knew about it. During the ceremony to announce herself as Zeus’ daughter, she asks Zeus if she can move to the Mortal Realm as her wish because she believes that her place is with her friend Persephone. Zeus grants her this wish, resulting in Artemis becoming the Goddess of the Hunt and the protector of young women.

Who Sided With Hades in the Underworld?

When Zeus announced his punishment against Persephone and Demeter, he also declared that the Mortal Realm will be closed off from Olympus and the Underworld. His decision led to chaos among the gods and goddesses. Hades, alongside Hecate and Hermes, decides to leave Olympus and return to the Underworld, cutting ties with Zeus.

Hecate sides with Hades out of loyalty and because she was very close friends with Persephone while she was in the Underworld. In addition, Hecate wants Persephone and Hades to be a couple. Hermes is also close friends with Persephone, but his reason for cutting ties with Zeus is personal. By closing the Mortal Realm to the gods, Hermes cannot visit his mortal mother, making him upset and decide to leave Olympus.

Lore Olympus fans may still have some other burning questions about the storyline and their favorite characters. Hopefully, these questions will be answered later on in the series.

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