Laid-Back Camp Gets Super Sentimental In the Season 2 Finale

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 2, Episode 13 of Laid-Back Camp, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

When it comes to learning camping skills and gaining expertise in Laid-Back Camp, Nadeshiko and her friends, Chiaki and Aoi, have come a long way in a short time during Season 2. At first, they were just three girls with a vague dream of seeing the outdoors with hardly a tent or camp stove to their name. Come the season finale, they are full-blown camping specialists, and their latest -- and last -- outing proves it wonderfully.

The Season 2 finale finds Nadeshiko and the others are halfway through a two-day camping trip in the charming Izu region -- something they've been planning for awhile. Now, it's the final day of the trip, and Nadeshiko, Chiaki and the others have just a little time left in Izu before they must return home to their ordinary lives. What should they see and do? Anything is possible.

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The Mountain Sisters & Capybaras

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So far, the friends have been visiting a variety of Izu's geospots or notable natural landmarks with their own names, from Sawada Park to the Tensodo cave and Cape Kogane, which Rin visited all on her own. After a tasty shrimp-based birthday dinner last night, the girls are fueled up for one last bout of adventure, so Ms. Toba drives them to Mt. Omuro, a surprisingly dark mountain. Every February, this small mountain undergoes controlled burning, and it's perfectly safe to visit. So, Nadeshiko and the others scale Mt. Omuro and behold Mt. Fuji from this vantage point, learning that in mythology, these mountains are considered sisters. It's quite the view, but be warned: Mt. Omuro will get rather jealous if someone stands on it and praises Mt. Fuji. Even mountains have feelings around here.

Meanwhile, Aoi's little sister Akari is eager to see some capybaras. The campers visit Itou Cactus Park, home to many exotic species ranging from pelicans to peacocks and, sure enough, a handful of capybaras. These giant rodents are having the time of their life soaking in baths or roaming the park's enclosures, and Akari becomes determined to get one of everything at the capybara-themed gift shop. Eventually, evening arrives, which means it's finally time for the friends to pack up and return home in the Yamanaka region.

Rin & Nadeshiko Look To The Past & Future

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Back home in Yamanaka, Ena Saito greets her dog Chikuwa and sends a photo of him to the friends. But while Nadeshiko is always happy to see Chikuwa, she can't help but worry about Rin. All her other friends are sounding off in the group chat on her phone, but Rin is silent, leaving her to wonder if something happened. So, when Nadeshiko's big sister Sakura arrives, Nadeshiko asks her a favor, despite the late hour.

Rin can hardly believe it when, on a remote nighttime road, she finds Nadeshiko and Sakura waiting for her by their idling car. As the friends are face to face, they decide to reminisce a bit. Standing by the road and watching Mt. Fuji, when prompted, Rin thinks back on her favorite camping spots, from Mt. Omuro to Cape Kogane and Hosono Plateau. She also mentions her first camping trip in middle school, which had been a slightly rough but highly educational experience. Nadeshiko is already feeling a bit lonely since the Izu trip is over, but there's no need to fret: the girls decide they will go camping again together before long. Even Rin, a dedicated solo camper, is on board with the idea. Nadeshiko feels encouraged as she and Rin admire the nighttime Mt. Fuji, which is the spirit of a true outdoors expert. There are always exciting new vistas to explore all over the nation, which we should get to see with them in a possible third season.

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