KonoSuba’s Anime Season 1 Makes These Crucial Changes From the Light Novels

KonoSuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World! is easily one of the best-known names in the isekai genre. Taking the staples of reincarnation, overpowered allies and game-like mechanics and turning them on their head for zany slapstick hijinks, the series became known as an isekai that was unafraid to make fun of itself.

Although the anime was jam-packed with hilarious antics, there were a number of changes between the light novels and their onscreen adaptation. With the current buzz surrounding the potential of an upcoming anime project, as well as the global release of the KonoSuba mobile game, it's the perfect time to go back and learn about the anime's predecessor. Covering Season 1 of the show and Volumes 1 and 2 of the light novels, here are the biggest alterations to the misadventures of Kazuma and company.

Kazuma & Co. Meeting Wiz in the Graveyard

Aqua tries to purify Wiz in KonoSuba

When Wiz first appears in the KonoSuba anime, her unexplained relationship with Kazuma, Aqua and the rest of the crew feels like a bit of an afterthought. While Kazuma explains to viewers that they met her when she was serving as a guide to the afterlife for wayward spirits, only a few seconds of visuals accompany this account. In the light novels, an entire section of Volume 1 is devoted to the quest he mentions.

The party first encounter Wiz when they take a quest to defeat a monster called a Zombie Maker, which, true to its name, turns normal corpses into zombies. They end up parlaying with Wiz, clearing out her operations and taking over the job of spirit purification. Of course, in typical fashion, this distraction from the Zombie Maker job results in them failing their mission. It provides an early look at Aqua's powers as a goddess to easily thwart the undead and showcases Wiz's nature as a Lich more clearly. It's also an example of the light novels going into more detail regarding monsters and skills that the anime glosses over.

The Party's First Cabbage Quest Gets More Detail in the Anime

Cabbages are alive in KonoSuba

The first compulsory quest that tests the mettle of Kazuma's party in KonoSuba is the seasonal cabbage hunt. In the anime, audiences get to see how the group work together in action -- poorly, but somehow effectively. This battle first showcased Darkness's impenetrable defense, along with her dubious reasons for training it so far. Likewise, it may have been this episode that gave Megumin her reputation in Axel as the "crazy Explosion girl."

Despite all the iconic moments this scene inspired, it actually does not appear in the light novels in any detail. After the quest's initial announcement and Kazuma's flabbergasted reaction, the scene cuts just as the adventurers are about to head out. When the narrative starts again, everybody is gathered in the pub recounting the undepicted harvest. Still, while this quest's details are left to the reader's imagination, the novels include specifics left out of the anime, such as the fact that other vegetables are also sentient -- including carrot sticks that crawl like worms.

The Battle With Demon King General Verdia/Beldia

Verdia or Beldia the Dullahan is the first general of the Demon Lord in KonoSuba

Kazuma's mission in KonoSuba is technically to defeat the Demon King, but most of the time he just stumbles upon the big bad's generals. This was true of the dullahan Verdia (romanized as Beldia in the light novels), the first of the demonic officers. Verdia first appears in Axel to reveal that Megumin's Explosion practice on a supposedly abandoned castle was actually targeted at his base of operations. Trying to goad them into a climactic battle, Verdia places a death curse on Darkness, which is swiftly dispelled by Aqua.

His return signals the first grand battle of Kazuma's career, but differs slightly between versions. While it plays out similarly, the tactics and contributions of both sides vary t0 fit the pacing of their respective mediums. Still, the largest difference is in the explanation of Verdia's weakness. In the anime, Kazuma's discovery of Verdia's water vulnerability seems to be purely based on the general's reaction. In the light novels, Kazuma explains that undead creatures, such as vampires and the like, are often repelled by flowing water, showing his genre savviness and suitability for the job.

Kazuma's First Encounter With Eris After Dying

After dying again in the fantasy world, Kazuma is greeted by Eris, Aqua's junior in the goddess hierarchy. Eris initially offers Kazuma the option of starting over as a baby in Japan or moving on to the afterlife, but eventually makes an exception for his revival. While the scene functions similarly in both versions, a few details are changed for the KonoSuba anime.

The light novel's meeting with Eris is more concise and has Kazuma genuinely feeling sad after being confronted with the end of his adventure. The anime does lead into this, but starts with him ranting to Eris about all the trouble his party members put him through and how he'll be relieved to reap the benefits of a comfortable reincarnation. Additionally, though the light novels have Kazuma pass through a plain white door to be revived, the anime makes a bigger show of it with him flying off into a magic circle. The show also has Aqua badmouth Eris by claiming that she pads her chest, which Kazuma exclaims he has no qualms over.

Dust and Keith's Intro Was Very Different in the Light Novel

Dust and Keith tell Kazuma about the Succubi in KonoSuba

Another set of characters introduced offhandedly are fellow adventurers Dust and Keith. Their first appearance in the KonoSuba anime comes when Kazuma spots them lurking around the succubus shop. Though he says he's gotten to know them recently, no details are given on their meeting. The light novels contain a full adventure for Kazuma's first encounter with the pair, including a quest with their allies.

Dust first approaches Kazuma in the pub to badger him about how easy life must be with three beautiful, advanced-class party members. Turning the situation around, Kazuma opts to trade places with Dust for a day, joining Keith and their other party members Taylor and Rin. He takes the opportunity to show off his quick thinking and creative usage of skills, swiftly becoming the party's ace. When they return to the guild, Dust is in tears, having realized the absurdity of dealing with Aqua, Megumin and Darkness. This portion of the light novel not only grants development for two characters relegated to the sidelines in the anime, but gives Kazuma someone who can sympathize with his plight.

Kazuma Faces Karma in The War Against Destroyer

Aqua blasts Mobile Fortress Destroyer in KonoSuba

Season 1 of the KonoSuba anime finishes with the climactic fight against the Mobile Fortress: Destroyer. This is also the conclusion to Volume 2 of the light novels, but transpires somewhat differently in the written account. In addition to expanding Wiz's appearance at the guild and arming the Destroyer with even more weapons, it allows karmic retribution for Kazuma's panty-stealing ways.

After scaling the side of the Destroyer, Kazuma attempts to use his Steal skill on the head of one of its golems to destroy it. While the tactic is successful, physics and the weight of the object take over, bringing Kazuma's hand plummeting to the ground and breaking it on impact. A similar moment happens when he tries to steal the Coronatite powering the Destroyer, only to horribly burn his hand when it reaches him. The journal left behind by the Destroyer's creator also reveals more about its development, including the revelation that its design was an accident brought about by crushing a spider on the blueprints.

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