Best Drama Anime Currently on Netflix – From A Silent Voice to Flavors of Youth

The collection of anime available on Netflix has grown substantially over the past few years, making it an ideal streaming service to turn to when searching for something to watch. While Netflix's catalog of fantasy, romance, science fiction and action is a great start, sometimes a little bit of drama really hits the spot.

Whether it's broken people trying to heal from traumatic pasts or families attempting to hold themselves together through rough times, here's a sampling of the anime drama that can be found on the Netflix streaming service.

A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice

When a deaf girl transfers into an elementary school class, attention-seeking Shoya Ishida does what's only natural: relentlessly bully her. Although young Shoko Nishimiya tries her hardest to become friends with her peers, for the most part, she's only greeted with mocking and abuse as her classmates make fun of her stunted speech and Shoya continuously rips her hearing aids out and tosses them away. Things get out of hand when Shoko begins to bleed after having a hearing aid torn out, and Shoya finally understands the consequences of his actions when his mother pays Shoko's own mother the cost of all the hearing aids he had thrown away.

Shoko transfers out of the school and Shoya becomes a pariah. Over the following years, he saves up the money to pay his mother back and then goes to commit suicide, but stops last-minute with the hopes of tying up loose ends with Shoko before he dies. However, meeting Shoko again after so many years changes his mind on dying, and the two begin the long and painful process of forgiveness and understanding. A Silent Voice can be streamed on Netflix.

Flavors of Youth

Flavors of Youth Anime Movie On Netflix

Flavors of Youth winds three different stories and themes together: the importance of food, family and cherishing the past. One story focuses on a young man's relationship to a particular meal and how it connects him to his grandmother. Although much of the story is about the young man growing up and eating San Xian noodles with different people in different places, the story is ultimately how the food will always connect him to his grandmother. The second story involves a fashion model who begins to eat less to beat out the competition. Her sister is concerned in a way that triggers a fight, but ultimately, food and the preciousness of their past relationship are able to play a part in their reconciliation.

The third story is one of high school sweethearts, both of whom make sacrifices for the other in a way that only leads to misfortune. While not particularly food-related, this love story is all about looking back on good times and trying to see what can be found ahead. Flavors of Youth can be streamed on Netflix.

Great Pretender

Laurent Thierry with a glass of champagne - Great Pretender

Stylish swindlers and grand schemes take the stage in Great Pretender when conman Makoto Edamura is conned himself into working with Laurent Thierry and his group of high-stakes criminals all over the world in hopes of the biggest payday possible. While the catchy music and chase scenes might give the impression that this is a comedic show of smart criminals versus dumb cops, Great Pretender doesn't shy away from corruption in the criminal justice system, constant betrayal and even human trafficking.

With a varied task of specialists collected together for Laurent's ultimate con, the team double-crosses their way across the world in a way that proves no one is who they say and hardly ever up to something good. Great Pretender can be streamed on Netflix.

In This Corner of the World

The daily life of Japanese citizens during World War II is detailed in the life of Suzu Hojo, who relocates from a city near Hiroshima to the coastal town of Kure City as Japan readies for war. As the movie progresses, Suzu experiences living in a country during wartime, from food shortages to constructing air-raid shelters in the backyard of her home.

Two years later, aerial assaults on Japan begin and the realities of war paint a horrifying picture of just how brutal World War II was for the innocent people of all nations. In This Corner of the World is at once a devastating picture of war and an uplifting story of families and towns banding together to help each other through it. In This Corner of the World can be streamed on Netflix.

The anime above are but a small sampling of what Netflix has to offer in terms of dramatic anime, but an excellent place to start. Whether it be following stylish conmen around the world or watching a boy enjoy a simple bowl of San Xian noodles, these anime are sure to not only tug at the heartstrings, but perhaps even yank at them.

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