Kara Survivor Code Could Be Boruto’s Next Big Villain

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter #54, “Bro,” by Masashi Kishimoto, Mikio Ikemoto, Mari Morimoto and Snir Aharon, now available in English from Viz Media.

It has been disappointing that with Isshiki dead and the rest of Kara killed, Boruto fans haven't seen much of Code in the manga. We got a sneak peek of him bickering with the terrorist cell early on, but since then we've only seen him in small cameos, looking after Isshiki's war-chest.

However, the anime has added more depth to the character in filler episodes, proving he's just as sinister as the rest of his peers. And after the latest episode, major hints were dropped that this underused villain could become the story's deadliest villain.

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In this episode, Jigen/Isshiki  treats Code like a little brother, even as Code tries to ambush him at the dinner table. He easily dispatches the teen, telling him he'll need to improve if he's to ever sneak attack him. But, just like other members in the past, Jigen recognizes Code's strength, power and will. Code wants to go retrieve the Vessel, but Jigen admits he has a more important task he wants to entrust Code with.

Thanks to the manga, we know this is overseeing the Ten Tails, which is a major part of the God Tree plan. This means that Jigen truly trusts Code and, beyond that, Code has to have some immense, unseen power to be the babysitter here. If the Ten Tails breaks out, only a powerful shinobi could corral it, which means there are elements to Code's game that will make for quite the reveal. Fans even believe he may be like Danzo, with Sharingan eyes hidden on him and maybe even an implanted, cloned Rinnegen, as Jigen knows all about Ōtsutsuki DNA and their dojutsu eye techniques.

Given that the boss is dead in the manga and Sasuke knows where he's keeping the beast, this already puts Konoha's heroes on a collision course with Code. However, if Code can control and weaponize the beast, he will wreak massive destruction and finally avenge his leader. The fact that Naruto is dying and Kurama may be out of commission only makes it easier for Code, who would be in prime position to follow through on villains like Tobi, who were underestimated at first but turned out to be lethal threats. To make it worse, Sasuke has lost his Rinnegan as well, so the heroes' means of controlling the creature are all but shot.

Madara killed thousands when he used the Ten Tails in the past so if Code is able to unleash it, it could be akin to the last war. He's been secretive of his abilities and, even though his allies hate his attitude, they respect him, which says a lot. Amado, the science chief of Kara, and even the traitor Koji Kashin, have also shown Code reverence when he speaks of battle, so there's likely something dire on the way. And with a Ten Tails, it can only be death and destruction.

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