Dragon Ball Fans Are Split Over This OP Whis Moment From Super’s Broly Movie

Dragon Ball Super introduced the concept of Gods of Destruction and their attending angels, with the angels in particular being naturally gifted fighters leagues beyond any other warrior the Dragon Ball franchise had introduced thus far. The angel attending Universe 7's God of Destruction Beerus was Whis, whose unassuming appearance concealed the fact that he has far more powerful than his charge as well as Goku and Vegeta. And while Whis plays a minor role in the film Dragon Ball Super: Broly, one offhand move by the character has fans split on exactly how far Whis' capabilities extend.

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Anime Dragon Ball Super Whis Blocks Punch

As the enraged Broly loses control over the course of the film following Frieza murdering his father Paragus and blaming it on Broly's duel with Goku and Vegeta, the Legendary Super Saiyan attacks everyone in the immediate vicinity. This rampage includes Whis, while Goku and Piccolo teach Vegeta the Fusion Dance so they can form Gogeta to stop Broly once and for all. Fortunately for the Z Fighters, Whis is perfectly capable of facing Broly and keeping him occupied on his own, with the Legendary Super Saiyan unable to land a single blow on the angel as he glides around every incoming attack without visibly straining himself.

The moment from the film that has fans divided comes after Gogeta, finally formed, arrives on the battlefield for a showdown against Broly. Gogeta appears to use Instant Transmission to teleport himself to the confrontation, with Whis apparently sensing the Saiyan warrior incoming and moving out of the way. Fans are divided on two things about this moment: whether it demonstrates that Whis is so attuned to his own constant state of Ultra Instinct that he can sense individuals teleporting around him, or if his cosmic awareness senses Gogeta's Instant Transmission, allowing him to anticipate the warrior's arrival and dodge accordingly.

Instant Transmission doesn't make one completely intangible, with the 1992 movie Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler showing that the metallic villain was capable of pursuing Goku through Instant Transmission, grabbing him and throwing him out of his teleportation state. Dragon Ball Super would have Dsypo, one of the fastest warriors from Universe 11, reveal that he was similarly fast enough to anticipate Goku's movements while he used Instant Transmission, setting a precedent that Whis -- Dyspo's apparent superior, given his divine status -- is able to do the same and move out of Gogeta's way in the Dragon Ball Super movie.

Ultra Instinct is a divine combat transformation perfected by the angels that allows them to completely check out mentally and react to the world around them on an intuitive level, even in the heat of battle. With its prodigious defensive ability, Goku was able to turn the tide of the Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super, even with an imperfect form of the transformation. However, with Whis recently revealing he is one of the most advanced users of Ultra Instinct in the entire Dragon Ball Multiverse, it would be a cinch for him to anticipate and evade people traveling via Instant Transmission, including Gogeta in his base state. The true limits of Whis' powers and abilities have yet to be fully showcased, with the character not yet seen visibly straining himself. And while Gogeta and Broly are indeed among the most powerful warriors in all of Dragon Ball, Whis' speed and reflexes are unbeatable.

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