Jujutsu Kaisen: Just How Strong Is Mei Mei?

The shonen sensation Jujutsu Kaisen has only been in circulation for less than four years and has already carved a name for itself for having some of the most competent female characters in animanga. This well-roundedness isn't limited to the women of its central cast as even the female side characters stand out for individual reasons. Mei Mei is one of the series' most unique characters, and yet surprisingly little is known about her, so here's what readers do know.

About Mei Mei - Age, Height, and Occupation

Mei Mei from Jujutsu Kaisen

While Mei Mei's birthdate hasn't yet been published, the "Gojo's Past" Arc revealed that she was Gojo Satoru's senpai during his days at Jujutsu High. During the events of the arc, Gojo was a second year. Since there are only three grades at Jujutsu High, Mei Mei would have been a third-year student at the time. It's safe to assume that she's only a year older than Gojo, which would make her 33 years old. She stands at a respectable 173 centimeters tall.

Mei Mei is a very calm woman, almost to the point of being apathetic. She's interested in little else apart from money. The only reason Mei Mei would engage in any activity is if it had a significant monetary value to her. In fact, she wouldn't be a jujutsu sorcerer at all if it didn't pay well. She has no concept of bonds of familiarity or companionship and her allegiance to any group is basically for sale. Her colleagues understand this about her and the reason Gojo transferred a huge sum of money to her at the end of Jujutsu Kaisen's first season was probably to ensure she remained loyal to him.

Mei Mei applies this same attitude towards the people around her. She has no interest in anyone past the potential value they can offer her, a concept she calls "service potential". One might think this would give Mei Mei a very callous character but this trait is a two-sided coin. It made her more attuned to the growth of her students and allies, easily recognizing their increasing potential. On the other hand, she doesn't hesitate to dispatch opponents she judges worthless.

Mei Mei's Cursed Technique

Mei Mei's Cursed Technique is a relatively simple one. It is called Black Bird Manipulation and allows her to imbue crows with her cursed energy and control them even from afar. The crows she commands are tougher than the average and she can share their vision, allowing Mei Mei to see what the crows do. This ability makes Mei Mei invaluable for reconnaissance missions. She is also able to freely manipulate the amount of cursed energy each crow is imbued with. This allows for unique variations in both attack style and strength.

How Strong Is Mei Mei?

In a word? Surprisingly. Despite not possessing a traditionally offensive cursed technique, Mei Mei is widely regarded among her peers as a strong jujutsu sorcerer. She trained hard in combat and currently, she has literally no room for improvement. By manipulating the cursed energy within herself to augment her training, Mei Mei reached her physical peak and as a result, is an expert at using cursed energy to enhance her physical attacks. Her strength catapulted Mei Mei to the rank of Grade 1 sorcerer.

She hasn't achieved Domain Expansion yet herself but has devised an ingenious strategy for dealing with them should she ever be trapped in one. On especially difficult missions, she takes along Ui Ui, her brother and master of the Simple Domain Technique. He activates a small barrier around them that nullifies the Domain's effects within it.

Mei Mei's weapon of choice is a cursed tool in the form of a gigantic battle axe. She handles it expertly and prefers to end battles in one fell swoop rather than drag them out. The technique it's imbued with hasn't been revealed yet but it's probably one that greatly sharpens its cutting edge.

The greatest weapon in Mei Mei's arsenal is Bird Strike. To activate it, she enters a binding vow with one of the crows under her control. She increases the crow's cursed energy to unprecedented levels in exchange for its life. When the vow is complete, Mei Mei directs the crow into a suicidal strike at her target. Due to its increased cursed energy, the crow has a marginally greater impact than a regular one would. To date, only Gojo Satoru has ever survived a Bird Strike, making it one of the series’ deadliest abilities.

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