JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: The Five SCARIEST Stands

The hit shonen series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is beloved for its creative and unpredictable action scenes, most of them involving diverse Stands with astonishing abilities. Some, such as Jotaro Kujo's Star Platinum, are direct melee fighters. But other Stands have creepier and more insidious abilities that will unnerve any foe.

Jotaro and other heroes such as Josuke Higashikata and Giorno Giovanna aren't easily intimidated, but even they will feel a chill down their spine when they face certain terrifying Stands whose appearance, abilities and killing intent are sure to horrify any opponent.

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Justice, The Fog-Shrouded Stand Of Enya The Hag

This is a Stand from the Stardust Crusaders story arc, serving as an example of a Stand frightening both in appearance and in function. When Jotaro and his allies arrived in a remote Middle Eastern town, the whole place was cloaked in fog and everyone shuffled about like the walking dead. This was all the work of Enya and her Stand, Justice. This Stand shrouds the terrain in an eerie fog, and things only get worse when the heroes are wounded.

Justice can slip into a victim's body via an open wound and take control of them at once. Enya used a pair of scissors to cut Polnareff's skin and nearly killed him this way, and she nearly got Jotaro too. If that wasn't terrifying enough, Justice also features a crowned skull head with sharp teeth and two grasping hands with clawed nails. Spooky.

Death 13, The Dreamland Grim Reaper

Stardust Crusaders featured another truly chilling Stand: Death 13. It belonged to one of the youngest Stand users, a baby boy named Mannish Boy, and this Stand is a dream-based assassin. Mannish Boy will trick his enemies into lowering their guard, then invade their dreams with Death 13 by his side. Death 13 is a horrifying grim reaper/jester/clown figure with a scythe and billowing robes, and it can control anything that happens in the victim's dream state.

Worse yet, the victim cannot even use their own Stand, since no other Stand can operate inside a person's mind like this. So, the victim can only cower in fear in an empty amusement park as Death 13 delivers one fatal strike with its scythe. Kakyoin and Polnareff came this close to meeting their end at the hands of Death 13.

Cheap Trick, The Ticking Time Bomb

Anime JoJo Cheap Trick Stand On Back

Cheap Trick is indeed a cheap trick of a Stand, and Rohan Kishibe, the manga artist, learned that the hard way. He was baffled when a real estate agent nervously entered his home, refusing to show his back for any reason. Then Cheap Trick struck. Once its user shows their back to another person, Cheap Trick will kill them at once, and attach itself to a new victim.

It seems there is no way to destroy Cheap Trick. The user can't harm their own Stand, and showing their back to a friendly Stand user will prove fatal before Cheap Trick can be attacked. The user is doomed to a lifetime of awkwardly keeping their back pressed to other surfaces, and any slip will result in death. Rohan was lucky he got rid of this Stand with the power of the underworld in Reimi's alleyway.

Grateful Dead, The Stand That Withers Everyone

Anime JoJo Grateful Dead Stand Mist

The Stand known as Grateful Dead appeared partway through the Golden Wind story arc, a freakish thing with two long arms but no legs, and a body covered in eerie eyes. But its true power is aura-based: it can rapidly age anyone within its area of influence, even through walls. Its user, Prosciutto, used this ability aboard a train to weaken Giorno's group before finishing them off.

Grateful Dead can eventually kill its victims through sheer aging, and it's gruesome to watch an otherwise healthy person become geriatric and confused, their white hair and teeth falling out as the grave beckons. Many people can age gracefully in their twilight years, but Grateful Dead turns old age into something disgusting and frightening every time.

Green Day, Massacring Everyone With Parasitic Mold

One of the most sadistic Stand users in the entire series is Cioccolata, who wields the Stand known as Green Day. It's a humanoid Stand that, like Grateful Dead, tends to attack people in a broad area rather than going after a single victim with its full power. But instead of spreading rapid aging, it will spread a noxious green mold with lethal results.

Disease and rot in fiction -- such as squirming maggots, swarms of flies or putrid flesh -- can be terrifying since these things are hazardous in real life. Many molds can be that way too, and Green Day plays on this fear with its deadly green mold. Any victim who becomes physically lower, such as crouching or falling over, will be infected, and they'll pass that mold to all nearby people before long. Green Day can slaughter an entire town or city with its skin-crawling power of mold that clings to its victims' skin.

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