Jazz Cafe will host an event commemorating DJ Rashad

Jazz Cafe will collaborate with the Chicago-based Teklife crew to host an event commemorating the life DJ Rashad five years after his death.

It will be held on Friday May 1. DJ Spinn, Kode9 and Sherelle will all play sets.

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All three DJs are chosen because how they continue DJ Rashad’s legacy in the footwork scene. DJ Spinn, as a Chicago DJ, will be representing the originators the scene, where Sherelle and Kode9 have been instrumental in burgeoning the UK footwork scene.

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Proceeds from the event will be donated directly to the Rashad Estate, managed by DJ Spinn, which supports DJ Rashad’s son Chad Harden.

See the flyer below for some more information on the event.

Artwork by Ashes 57

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