Jasmine Thompson and Felix Jaehn return to melodic pop-house on ‘Without You’

German DJ and producer Felix Jaehn has teamed up once again with singer-songwriter Jasmine Thompson for their new track “Without You,” a breezy pop-dance melody nine years in the making. The track marks a reunion for the duo, following their successful collaboration on 2015’s hit “Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better).”

“Without You” represents the personal and professional growth both artists have experienced over the past nine years, rekindling their friendship and creative synergy. A wistful guitar solo leads on the bubbly single, setting the stage for Felix’s organic production style and an upbeat four-on-the-floor bassline. Jasmine’s emotive vocals shine among the delicately lilting melodies. The collaboration swiftly moved from concept to reality after Felix shared the initial idea with Jasmine. The pair note that returning to the studio brought back the same energy of their original collaborating days. Together again, they’ve crafted a song that captures what made ‘Ain’t Nobody’ so popular — a song that taps the feel good essence of summer.