Japan’s Top Cosplayer Shows Off Her Massive Costume Warehouse

Japan's top cosplayer, Enako, revealed a look at her cosplay room, which houses more than 400 costumes.

The 27-year old professional cosplayer and model hosted a tour of her massive "cosplay room," which more closely resembles a small warehouse, in a new video on the Japanese Business Drive YouTube channel. While Enako hasn't counted the exact amount of costumes she has amassed, she estimates that she owns anywhere from 400 to 500 costumes, which she has worn to various conventions and photo shoots. The costumes are neatly kept in clear container bins, which have to be labelled with a serial number and photos displaying their contents and the character the cosplay represents, which are required in order to keep the massive collection organized.

The video primarily deals with Enako's experience as a professional cosplayer. In addition to describing the day-to-day activities of her profession, she also delves into the some of the negative aspects of her job, including having to deal with internet trolls and online bullying. She also states that she is a big fan of Keisuke Itagaki's underground fighting series, Baki the Grappler.

Enako began cosplaying in 2012, and is now so well known in the Japanese cosplay community and anime fandom that conventions and other events pay her to make an appearance. It has been reported that she makes over the equivalent of $90,000 USD a month. When she appeared at Comiket, Japan's largest anime convention, in 2019, she drew a crowd of hundreds of photographers seeking to take a picture of her RE:Zero cosplay. She was also recently hired by a mobile game company to cosplay Attack on Titan's Mikasa Ackerman. In addition to her cosplaying career, she has also earned a following through her video game streams, where she can be usually seen playing multiplayer shooters such as Apex Legends and Rainbow Six Siege.

While many conventions have been cancelled or have moved online throughout the last two years due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, talented cosplayers across the world have still managed to create amazing costumes. Another Japanese cosplayer, chiba_2_2, recently showed off their screen accurate take on Tokyo Revenger's Manjiro Sano, while content creator Jahara Jade managed to cosplay all nine of Sailor Moon's scouts in a single year. Enako isn't the only professional model cosplaying either; fitness model Momo Tomomoto recently showed her love for Jujutsu Kaisen's Cursed weapon specialist, Maki Zen'in, with two new costumes.

Source: YouTube

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