How The Vampire Dies in No Time Sets Up Season 2

The first season of Itaru Bonnoki’s supernatural comedy series, The Vampire Dies in No Time, brought viewers pure joy and laughter. In fact, after the airing of the final episode, it was announced that a second season is well underway. Here are some of the most significant moments in season one and what could come in season two.

The Vampires Dies in No Time is centered on the adventures of the famous vampire hunter, Ronaldo, a “powerful” vampire from prestigious lineage, Draluc, and Draluc’s familiar, an armadillo named John. Their friendship began in Episode 1, “The Hunter Comes and Flies in the Sky,” when Ronaldo trespassed into Draluc’s castle to rescue a boy, only to find that the boy purposely visited Draluc's castle to play video games. After a plethora of booby traps, Ronaldo accidentally destroyed Draluc’s castle, resulting in Draluc and John staying in Ronaldo’s office for the time being and so began the start of their adventures together.

Draluc's Personal Life & Family is a Focal Point

The first season introduced Draluc's personal life to viewers. It’s revealed that Draluc has a loving family, but he doesn’t have any friends. Draluc spends most of his time being a homebody, cooped up in his mansion and playing video games. In Episode 6, “Draluc’s Family,” Draluc invited Ronaldo to his family’s New Year’s Eve celebration. Draluc’s grandfather decided to play a board game with his guests, only to reveal that one of the prizes is Ronaldo’s autobiography that chronicles his adventures as a vampire hunter. Ronaldo joined the game to win his books because he didn't want Draluc’s family to find out that he destroyed their castle, which happened to be written in the books. It is later revealed that Draluc’s family are huge fans of Ronaldo. Draus, Draluc’s father, is happy that Ronaldo befriended Draluc and that Draluc is proven to be "helpful" in Ronaldo's vampire-hunting missions.

Draluc’s family, specifically his father and grandfather, make guest appearances throughout the series. Next season will likely showcase more stories about Draluc’s family. Also, fans can be hopeful of a story involving, Draluc’s mother, Mira, who is mentioned in passing but has yet to make an appearance.

John is The Best Buddy a Vampire Can Ever Have

A bruised John looks up in the forest Sun in The Vampire Dies in No Time.

Furthermore, fans also received side stories involving Draluc’s armadillo, John. John is the most intelligent and sane creature among the three. In Episode 11, “John meets Draluc,” Draluc’s family went on an excursion to South America. Draluc’s grandfather gifted an armadillo to Draluc, which Draluc named John. The two bonded until Draluc returned home. Soon after, John went on a journey to find and be with Draluc as his familiar.

While in Episode 8, “Kidnap Capriccio/Kidnap Elegy,” John had some quality “me” time by attending a soccer tournament and buying some red bean jelly pancakes. John ended up getting kidnapped by the inferior vampire, Tsujigiri Nagiri. Draluc, Ronaldo, and the rest of their allies went on a man-hunt searching for John. In both these episodes, audiences could see how valuable John is to Draluc and Ronaldo. John also serves as the "voice of reason" between the two friends when they quarrel. In season two, fans can expect that there will be more side stories that focus on John and his adventures.

Each episode of The Vampire Dies in No Time consists of three vignettes with amusing storylines involving reoccurring characters and villains, and so, audiences can expect that this episodic structure will continue in the next season. There are many side stories worth looking into; yet, one story that stands out is what will happen to the inferior vampire, Tsujigiri Nagiri, who has yet to be caught by our main protagonists. Tsujigiri Nagiri claims to be a villain, but he shows his soft-heartedness when saving John from danger. Tsujigiri Nagiri's credibility of being a true villain is questionable, and so, audiences are left wondering what will happen to him next.

With all the storylines in season one, there is one plotline that has yet to be told: the origin of how Ronaldo became a vampire hunter. Fans can only speculate whether season two will give a wholesome backstory for Ronaldo like Draluc and John. Overall, the first season ends with Ronaldo and Draluc being competitive goofballs; hence, fans are granted that there will be more crazy antics between the two next season.

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