I’ve Been Killing Slimes Premiere Forges an Unlikely Witch-Dragon Friendship

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 1 of I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Many times in the isekai genre of anime, the hero is thrust into mortal peril in a new world with new enemies. Other times though, the protagonist has the easy life, and that is certainly the case for I've Been Killing Slimes' Azusa Aizawa, a charming witch. However, she gets far too many battle challenges for her liking.

The series' title says it all: Azusa is immensely powerful due to killing slimes and farming XP/money, and nothing is a challenge for her at this point. Even mighty dragons see her as someone to be feared and respected, but what they don't realize is that Azusa just wants to chill out. Can a dragon really take it so easy? Here's what the series premiere reveals.

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How Azusa Became a Witch With Too Many Challengers

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Azusa was once an office employee in her 20s -- until she died from being chronically overworked, or karoshi, and met a goddess who granted her eternal life in an idyllic fantasy realm. Azusa began at level 1 as an ageless witch, deciding to kill local slime monsters to farm XP and money. She's been at it for 300 years without a break, and when she checked her stats, she'd hit the roof at level 99 with incredible stats to boot. The adventurer guild clerk promised to keep this a secret, but somehow, other adventurers and rogues learned of Azusa's immense power.

Now Azusa is the target of countless challenges from mighty foes who want to prove themselves in combat against her, but the thing is -- Azusa doesn't care about fighting or glory. She could have become a super-villainess, being a reclusive witch with invincible powers, but instead, Azusa wants the inverse of her stressful Earth life -- to take things easy. But even fearsome dragons are challenging Azusa to battle. Can one particular challenge also lead to friendship?

Azusa Shares The Secret To Happiness

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Azusa is just a little exasperated when a massive red dragon named Laika arrives at her remote homestead for a challenge. And yet, not even Laika's great talons or fireball attacks can put a scratch on her. Azusa forces Laika to literally chill out with an ice spell, and the dragon surrenders at once. She flies off to bring back gold for the victor to pay for Azusa's house (which was demolished in the fight). The next day, Azusa is staying in the town of Flatta when she meets a red-haired young woman who seems to know her. Turns out it's Laika, in human form.

Laika, deeply impressed with Azusa's powers, offers to become her friend and apprentice, as well as to rebuild Azusa's house all on her own. Flabbergasted but touched, Azusa agrees, and Laika soon becomes her draconic companion and assistant of sorts. Laika is working a bit too hard, though, so Azusa urges her to take a break at sundown and relax. Tomorrow is another day, after all, and there is plenty of time to finish all this work. Why rush now and get all worked up?

Laika agrees, and it becomes clear that the two of them are destined for a wacky but powerful friendship and alliance in this deceptively destructive isekai world. More powerful beings lurk out there, including other witches, but the I've Been Killing Slimes team of Azusa and Laika can surely handle them all together.

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