I’ve Been Killing Slimes Is Finally Opening up Its Huge, Isekai World

WARNING: the following contains spoilers for Episode 4 of I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

It's not easy to survive in an isekai world, but Azusa Aizawa, the Witch of the Highlands, has found a way. In fact, she's found a way to thrive without even leaving home. Azusa has been grinding levels and XP by killing slimes for three centuries on end, hence the series' name and this level 99 witch feels no need to go on quests or explore new lands. But she ought to.

I've Been Killing Slimes has been hinting at a much, much larger world beyond Azusa's doorstep. The introduction of characters hailing from far-off places, like Halkara the elf and the demon Beelzebub point to regions with histories and cultures that Azusa's been missing out on. Thankfully, a wedding invite from her dragon friend Laika in Episode 4 finally gets the Witch of the Highlands to broaden her horizons.

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Azusa Aizawa, with her total lack of ambition and adventurousness, is far from a typical isekai heroine. This makes sense, as she died from overwork as an office grunt, making her determined to have the opposite experience in her new life. Azusa has all the time in the world to do as she pleases, but even if she's living a quiet, dull life on purpose, a witch of her level is bound to stumble into adventure eventually. Powerful beings just seem drawn to her -- even avoiding them would likely send her on some kind of journey.

Take, for example, Laika the dragon. Despite her low-key life of slime-slaying, Laika still found her way to and befriended Azusa. There's also Falfa and Shalsha, two sisters born from slimes Azusa's killed who sought her out, ultimately leading to Azusa adopting them. Azusa was also approached by the elf Halkara, who was fleeing the demon Beelzebub. Characters like these keep appearing to Azusa, acting a bit like ambassadors for their respective races and homelands -- it's inevitable that they pull Azusa into their worlds. After all, there's more to slice-of-life than literally showing the hero lazing around at home all the time.

Azusa's new friends make good on their worldbuilding promise in I've Been Killing Slimes Episode 4, when Laika invites Azusa and company to Mount Rokko, the dragon homeland, for a wedding. The trip is more than worth it as Azusa and the viewers get to see the dragons in action and learn more about Laika as a person. Laika's older sister Leila is the one getting married, and she had been Laika's emotional rock. With her sister beginning a new life, Laika looks to Azusa to fill her shoes, deepening the two's relationship to and understanding of each other.

Beyond the dragons' domain, Azusa also got a chance to soak in the hot springs of Mount Rokko's town and explore its surroundings. This trip may be just the start. What will Azusa see and who will she meet when it's time for an adventure to Halkara's homeland or Beelzebub's home in the underworld? Azusa can only grow as a character as she meets new people and befriends them.

I've Been Killing Slimes isn't about power fantasies or harems; it's all about friendships and the true meaning of life, and Azusa won't find it idling on her couch. She has an entire world to explore, both inside her heart and beyond the walls of her highland cottage.

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