5 Adorable Sanrio Mascots Who Deserve to Win the 2021 Character Ranking

Every year, Sanrio has held a character ranking for fans to vote for their favorite characters. This year marks the 36th ranking, and there are 80 options to choose from. Last year, Cinnamon Roll was in the top spot, followed by Pompompurin and then Pochacco, and in 2019, Hello Kitty was number one, followed by Cinnamon Roll and Pompompurin. Let's give some love to those who've yet to hold a top spot in the past two years this time around.

Of course, cuteness is subjective, and Sanrio prides itself in being a company with such a large catalog of adorable characters. Some of them have received more attention than others thanks to merchandising (Gudetama) and even their own shows (Aggretsuko). With this in mind, here are five of the cutest Sanrio characters who deserve to win this character ranking.

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marumofubiyori sanrio

Introduced in the Sanrio lineup in 2017, Marumofubiyori is a white bear cub who always wears his favorite blanket. While his roommate works at the aquarium, Marumofubiyori is a lazy homebody and nicknamed "Moppu," as his blankets mops the floor behind him. Mafumofubiyori is not only cute with his heart like paw prints, rosey cheeks and overall cuddly nature, but he is also an incredibly relatable character who's making the best out of his time home while getting plenty of sleep; however, that doesn't mean fans should rest on him this ranking.



One of the more lesser-known characters is Kasiwankomochi, who was ranked 66th in 2019 and 57th in 2020. However, just because Kasiwankomochi is often overlooked doesn't mean he isn't adorable. Originally, Kasiwankomochi was just a leftover rice cake who longed to be taken home somehow, but instead, he magically turned into an adorable puppy who resembles a ball of mochi. While he's made friends with other treats, he still hopes he can become someone's favorite snack, and breaking out of his lower ranking could finally show him that he is beloved.


tuxedosam sanrio

Tuxedosam fits the bill for a cartoon penguin, as he is very clumsy yet always dapper. This precious penguin always tries to look the part with a collection of 365 bowties, delivering on a new look every day of the year. He's also a smart penguin, having studied abroad in England. Plus, Tuxedosam has partnered up with My Hero Academia in some merchandise, being paired with Todoroki. Tuxedosam may not have what it takes to be the number one hero, but he certainly can be the number one Sanrio character.


lloromannic sanrio

With Cinnamon Roll currently being the top character, who better to take him down than Berry, who considers Cinnamon Roll to be his rival? Alongside the black demon is Cherry, a pink demon who helps out her friend whenever she can. The two creatures came from the world behind the mirror, and they are more antagonistic than most Sanrio characters; although, their persistence is admirable. While they may not be fans of Cinnamon Roll, their designs are similar enough to potentially win over his fanbase, especially with their more demonic designs.

My Melody

my melody

For two years straight, My Melody has come in fourth for the character ranking. This little bunny is a ray of sunshine and embodies springtime with her pink hood, which her grandmother made her. She's a family-oriented rabbit, as her favorite hobby is baking cookies with her mother, and she loves her brother deeply. She's another character who's teamed up with UA, matching up with Uraraka, and the two couldn't be a more perfect pair with their loving and positive personalities, and with an attitude like this, maybe My Melody can float away from that fourth-place position once and for all.

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