I’ve Been Killing Slimes Creates an Anime Rivalry Like None Other

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 8 of I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Isekai heroine Azusa Aizawa wanted just one thing: to take it easy forever in the idyllic fantasy realm of I've Been Killing Slimes and distance herself from her stressful previous life in Japan. By Episode 8, she has assembled a harem of friends, and it is clear that helping others is her true calling. But not everyone is getting along in the Aizawa household.

Azusa and her friends recently won medals from the demon king to mark their success in ending the dragon feud. Along the way, the blue dragon girl Flatorte was accepted as Azusa's newest ally and foster daughter. Flatorte has learned to appreciate Azusa and her ways, but what about the red dragon, Laika?

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Laika, Flatorte & The Need For Meat

laika azusa forest slimes

In I've Been Killing Slimes, Azusa's dearest wish is for her highlands household to quiet down and embrace the good life, free of any mage duels, rivalries or misadventures. She wakes up one morning, savoring some morning tea. Then Laika and Flatorte make a huge ruckus and are about to duel, right there in the house. But not a duel of combat -- rather, it's a cooking competition to see who bakes the best cookies. Ever the mediator and motherly figure, Azusa makes peace between the dragon girls, then learns that both Laika and Flatorte are restless because they are starving for meat. Apex predators like them need lunch.

After receiving an official quest from the guild hall to slay some long-hammer boars in the Nilka forest, the gang sets off, and it's an easy hike at first. The forest is a lovely and tranquil place, though just to be safe, Azusa leaves Halkara the elf behind. She would probably get herself into trouble -- like she did at the demon king's court -- but today it's Flatorte who's stumbling. She's too eager to hunt those boars and runs off, only to get snagged in the underbrush. Frustrated, the blue dragon girl strips down for ease of movement and races off in her birthday suit. Then she finds the boars and cries out as they toss her garments into the rapid stream nearby.

Laika & Flatorte Just Can't Help Themselves

laika flatorte meat slimes

Flatorte beats up an entire squad of boars barehanded, and not long after that, Beelzebub the fly demon and her friend Vania arrive with her clothes, having found them downstream. Now it's time for the squad to chow down, and everyone is savoring the freshly grilled boar meat as friends. It seems that Laika and Flatorte have made peace at last -- but not quite. Back home that evening, both dragon girls implore Azusa to decide on a winner for today's contest, and the victor gets to sleep in Azusa's bed with her.

Once again, Azusa sets a good example and splits the difference, allowing both of them to spend the night with her. But the girls' predatory appetites get the best of them and the next morning, Azusa finds Flatorte and Laika gobbling up the leftover meat in the basement. Will these girls ever learn some restraint? If they aren't attacking each other, they're attacking the food stores, but that's what happens when a witch adopts two dragons. Azusa's domestic adventures in I've Been Killing Slimes are just beginning.

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