How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom: Release Date, Trailer, Plot & News to Know

The isekai genre is still incredibly popular, with an ever-growing number of new series across manga, anime and light novels. One such example of this is the How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom franchise, which began in 2014. Continuing the trend of isekai with ridiculous and literal titles, Realist Hero has been a novel series, a manga and soon an anime.

With a world and approach that makes it both emblematic of and unique for the genre, Realist Hero's upcoming anime will likely be a great treat for isekai genre fans. Here's what viewers should know about the franchise before its animated adaptation comes out.

The Plot of Realist Hero

As with many isekai, the story of How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom involves a relatively everyday guy, in this case, one Kazuya Souma, being spirited away to another dimension and thrust into the role of its hero, including marrying its princess.

Beforehand, Kazuya was a humanities major in college and was quite fond of the works of historical figures like Machiavelli. Initially unsure of his new role as the throne's heir apparent, Kazuya quickly turns his new situation -- and kingdom -- around by implementing the strategic planning he'd studied in school. From there, Kazuya must gather the fiercest, wisest and most talented people in all the land to his side, maintaining peace not through warfare but through cautious planning and meticulous policy.

Realist Hero's Trailer

The first trailer for the series was shown off a few months ago, revealing some details about the plot. Notable scenes include Kazuya being summoned from his world into his new home, as well as introducing the princess that becomes his betrothed. Also seen toward the trailer's end are some of the female talent summoned by King Kazuya's request for the wisest and most skilled in the kingdom to come to join him.

These include the valiant but stern dark elf Aisha and portly Poncho Panacotta, who becomes Kazuya's Minister of Agriculture. The abundance of beautiful women who vie for Kazuya's affections and attention essentially form a harem, rounding out its fantasy isekai premise.

News to Know About Realist Hero

Realist Hero began in 2014 when it was first published as a novel by creator Dojyomaru. This later gave way to a light novel series also written by Dojyomaru and illustrated by Fuyuyuki, with a manga by Satoshi Fueda arriving in 2017. So far, the light novels have accrued 13 volumes, while the manga has 5 collected tankobon volumes.

The anime was announced in April 2020 and will be directed by industry veteran Takashi Watanabe. Watanabe has also directed such well-known works as SlayersRave Master and even newer animated entries in the Fist of the North Star franchise. The show is animated by J.C. Staff, while Go Zappa and Hiroshi Onogi handle the series' scripts.

Realist Hero's Release Date

How A Realist Hero Rebuilt The Kingdom

Not receiving its first trailer until a few months ago, the release of How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom has been relatively low-key. The release date of the anime was only revealed recently, it's fast approaching. The show will debut in Japan on July 3rd, premiering on Tokyo MX and BS11. English-speaking fans won't have to wait, either, as the show will also be streaming through Funimation as part of the Summer lineup.  Realist Hero has a lot of competition in the isekai genre, but realistically, the series has a huge chance of becoming a hit.

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