Don Diablo Is Scoring an Interactive Theater Production

Don Diablo is looking to leave his mark far beyond just his music.

This fall, the famed Dutch dance music producer will score a new interactive theater production called Forever Young, written by Sjoerd van Schooten and Mabel Nummerdor. The central plot of the show focuses on a love story between a rising star and his childhood sweetheart.

There will be an overall emphasis on mental health, as well as how fame and social media can have a negative impact on us and the world around us. 

"The story of Forever Young is very close to my heart," Diablo gushed. "As an artist I’ve had years of experience with the lighter and darker sides of the modern age. We now live in a time where everything seems possible, but these endless possibilities also come with the price of constant pressure."


"The digital revolution offers plenty of opportunities, but also an equal amount of challenges," he continued. "Mental health is an important theme and something we all need to continue to work on. Together. Forever Young is a next-generation love story presented in a one-of-its-kind futuristic theatre show. Our aim is not only to appeal to the audience’s mind but also to hit them in that special place in their heart."

The show will first be performed in Amsterdam at a secret location. The general public will then be able to see the production in 2022. You can find out more information and sign up for pre-sale tickets here.