Healin’ Good Pretty Cure: The Pretty Cure Battle Their STRONGEST Foe Yet

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 30 and 31 of Healin' Good Pretty Cure, "The Group in Chaos? A Day at the Zoo," and "Byo-gens' Evolution! Healin' Good Arrow!" now streaming on Crunchyroll.

After filling their box full of all the elemental bottles, the healing animals felt a little disappointed that nothing happened once the set was complete. Understandable, as it felt like a goal was achieved each time a spot was filled by a new element. Luckily, it's revealed in this two-part climactic battle against Shindoi-ne and a new form of Mega Byo-gen that all of the elemental healing bottle collecting wasn't for naught.

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As the Pretty Cure enjoy a lovely time at the zoo, bumping into their homeroom teacher Mr. Maruyama and his son Kota, trouble is brewing beneath the surface. The Byo-gen team, in comparison to the Pretty Cure team, has always been disconnected from each other. As opposed to uniting powers to revive King Byo-gen, each one desires to accomplish this task by themselves for maximum praise and credit from their King.

Daruizen and Guwaiwaru have been making progress in creating powerful Byo-gens, but Shindoi-ne has been left to the wayside, as even King Byo-gen relies primarily on Daruizen for future Mega Parts experiments. This not only angers Shindoi-ne, but it also drives her mad with jealousy. She wants King Byo-gen to recognize her efforts, so she takes drastic measures: using a Mega Part on herself.

No one knew what would happen if a Byo-gen general were to use a Mega Part on themselves, so this was especially risky. Fortunately for Shindoi-ne, the results turned out optimal. She essentially gets an evolved form, decked out with longer devil horns, elf ears and a reptilian tail. Not only has her appearance been upgraded, but so have her powers. She can now turn human beings into vessels for Byo-gen monsters.

As the Pretty Cure are busy fighting a Byo-gen Daruizen sicked off, Shindoi-ne gets to work targeting her first human victim. She aims fire at Kota, but Maruyama's dad reflexes kick into high gear as he jumps to save him, thus causing him to host a new form of Byo-gen, a Giga Byo-gen.

The Pretty Cure is alerted of the massive new enemy and thus their epic battle begins. This battle is one of the most animated and action-filled fights in Healin' Good thus far. The scene of Cure Grace running towards the Giga Byo-gen is especially eye-catching. The focus on how hard she is running towards the enemy, the distortion applied on not only her outline but the shape of her body as well, emphasizes the intensity of this fight scene and how hard the Pretty Cure are pushing themselves to defeat the enemy. Unfortunately, it is not enough. The girls get thrown off the way-side and revert back to their normal forms.

The team already tried fighting with their basic fisticuffs and elemental attacks, so for their second encounter, it's time for a team attack using Healing Oasis. It's easily their strongest attack and has yet to fail... until now. In a shocking turn of events, the Giga Byo-gen uses its flask on its back as a cannon blaster, blocking the Healing Oasis from doing any damage. Yet again, we get an extremely cool animated sequence here. The impact frame during the blast and special effects animation make it clear just how explosively powerful this Giga Byo-gen is.

After all of this, even Cure Earth feels like giving up. Despite this despair, the Pretty Cure keeps moving forward, resolving to do a team attack until suddenly, their wands start glowing. Collecting those elemental bottles really paid off in the end, as they all combine to form a new special healin' bottle. Not only this but with Rate's power, the healing animals also form a new type of weapon, a syringe-shaped bow and arrow.

The Pretty Cure also get an upgraded appearance with long flowing hair, cuffed up collars and angelic wings to top it all off. With their new attack, the Final Healin' Good Shower, the Giga Byo-gen is purified and the day appears saved as Kota reunites with his father... or so it seems. As the episode closes, Teateine worries over a sinister aura she is sensing. It's unclear what she may be feeling, but it seems an even stronger enemy may await our Pretty Cure team.

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