Digimon’s New Character Was Inspired by Venom and Spawn

The Digimon Adventure reboot has taken various detours during its run, including a larger role for the demonic Devimon. Devimon recently unveiled his Mega form DoneDevimon, and an eagle-eyed fan pointed out the demonic Digimon's resemblance to a classic pair of anti-heroes.

Twitter user @jinke_jinke pointed out that DoneDevimon's design derives from Image Comics' Spawn and Marvel Comic's Venom. The user also posted an image featuring the demon battling WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon, Agumon and Gabumon's Mega-forms.

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Created by Todd McFarlane, Spawn is the alter-ego of mercenary Al Simmons. After his death, Simmons made a deal with the demonic Malebogia to rule the armies of Hell to see his wife Wanda again. He was infused with the powers of a Hellspawn, using them to battle the forces of Heaven and Hell on multiple occasions. Spawn crossed a milestone last year as the first independent comic book character to last for more than 300 issues.

McFarlane also co-created Venom with David Micheline. Journalist Eddie Brock was disgraced when he learns he interviewed an imposter posing as the serial killer Sin-Eater -- in reality, Spider-Man had caught the true Sin-Eater. At this low point, Brock entered the church where Spidey had separated from an alien symbiote. Brock and the symbiote merged to become the Lethal Protector, Venom. Venom has become a popular anti-hero, headlining a live-action film in 2018 and will lead Marvel Comic's upcoming King in Black event.

Source: Twitter

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