Great Pretender: Should Fans Expect a Season 3 of the Netflix Anime?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 2 of Great Pretender, now streaming on Netflix.

Great Pretender's final episode leaves the audience with a happy yet open-ended conclusion. In some ways, it opens the possibilities for another season to be made. Most of the final episode is focused on the events of the heist Edamura pulled off with the Confidence Man team. However, the epilogue unveils possibilities not only for more heists to be had but for more interpersonal drama between the characters as well.

Going Separate Ways

As Edamura and the team settle down after completing their final heist, Laurent discusses with Edamura what his plans for retirement entail. Both characters seem unsure of their exact futures, but are equally open to moving forward with their lives, both metaphorically and literally. As Edamura heads to bed, Laurent removes his treasured ring keepsake from Dorothy and throws it into the ocean. With the heist he has been building up towards for years finally complete, it seems Laurent can finally move on from his obsession with Dorothy.

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This all seems like a rather complete way to end the show, but the epilogue opens up some options for the series to further explore. Edamura's father mentions, in front of his wife's grave, that he has to take care of rescue kids and find foster parents for them. Kudo and Shi-won are drinking their sorrows away in Seoul, as Kudo whines over how his ex-wife left him and is living with his daughter now. Meanwhile, Cynthia appears to have taken in a teen named Kawain. He has to decide on what he wants to do for college, with him buying a painting on the streets suggesting he may have an interest in the arts. Abbie is bouldering in Nevada, and lastly, Edamura is traveling the world. It appears he may have taken Laurent's advice to eventually open a cafe, as he is learning about coffee from around the globe.

There are some threads here that could be further explored. Kawain was just introduced during this epilogue sequence, and Kudo's family life had been left unknown throughout the series. Abbie's athletic interests and Edamura's interests in coffee were one's shown and hinted at though. All these conclusions share a common link -- all the characters appear to have moved on from criminal heists, at least for the moment.

The Next Big Heist

What truly hints at a potential continuation to Great Pretender are two final moments in the epilogue. A new U.S. President is inaugurated, and it just so happens to be the Razzie actor Eddie Cassano cast in his movies. It also just so happens that Laurent is one of the president's bodyguards as well.

As Laurent watches over his speech, he makes a call, suggesting his next big heist involves this new U.S. President. This certainly would be a step-up from the scale of all the past heists thus far. Now, they are working at a world leader level. It leaves viewers questioning exactly what is the next con Laurent has in mind? Perhaps the series wants to leave the viewers off with this thought, however, it is also entirely possible this scenario could get explored in the future. This isn't the only question the series leaves the viewer off on though.

Dorothy and the Ring

After the credits, it's revealed Dorothy is still alive and has been gifted the ring Laurent threw away. She somehow ended up on an island near Taiwan, where a fisherman and his wife took her in. It appears she lost her memories, thus the couple refers to her as Xiangxiang, however, she is slowly regaining them. She recalls instances in previous heists involving stories with Ethiopia and her being the secretary of a theme park CEO and thus may eventually remember Laurent and the team as well.

This leaves the show open for continuation. The U.S. President heist appears to be exciting and larger than ever. And the chance Dorothy may remember her past and reunite with Laurent can also happen as well. Though the past trauma involving the main cast has been resolved, it is still possible for more adventures to be had.

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