EXCLUSIVE: Onyx Equinox Clip Introduces Izel’s Unlikely Allies

Last week, Onyx Equinox showed Izel's internal strife as he came to terms with his destiny. This week, Crunchyroll exclusively revealed two of Izel's new allies to CBR in an exclusive clip from "Thicker Than Water," the third episode.

"I should not have to remind you again, and you should have been able to retrieve the ball on your own. Such a simple task a cub could have done it," Yaotl growls at Izel, K'in and Yun in the clip, to which Izel asks, "But why did you appear when you did and not before?" After a moment of silence, Yaotl explained that "your blood hitting the earth called me. It is the only way I can be summoned."

Yaotl continued to chastise Izel, saying, "You had one job, and you managed to fail at that. We need that ball. We don't need any more stupid useless children." K'in and Yun took offense to Yaotl's comment as they clutched the mysterious ball. However, when the beast roared at them, they jumped back in fear.

"The ball has bonded to them now," Yaotl continued when Izel questioned the emissary's statement. Yaotl then yanked the ball from K'in and Yun's grip and threw it towards Izel. Izel caught the ball, which started to glow -- and then suddenly flew back to K'in and Yun. Following this, Yaotl got in Izel's face to inform him that, because of this bond, Izel now needs the boys to come with him.

In addition to this clip, CBR can also reveal some exclusive stills from the episode, which show off Izel's new allies and hint at some of the flashbacks Izel will experience during the episode.

Onyx Equinox Episode 3
Onyx Equinox Episode 3
Onyx Equinox Episode 3

According to "Thicker Than Water's" official synopsis,

Izel heads to Ox Te'Tuun to retrieve an artifact containing the map to the gates. There, he meets twin Ulama players K’in and Yun, as well as a mysterious figure from his past.

Created by Sofia Alexander, Onyx Equinox stars Olivia Brown as Izel, Alejandro Vargas-Lugo as Yaotl, Carolina Ravassa as Zyanya, Kimberly Woods as Xanastaku, Patrick Pedraza as Yun and Juan Arturo Maldonado as K'in. The third episode launches Dec. 5 on Crunchyroll.

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