Godzilla Singular Point: 5 Things Things We Want in Season 2

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 1 of Godzilla Singular Point, now streaming on Netflix.

While there are many big moments in the first season of Godzilla Singular Point that diehard fans of the franchise can appreciate, they're also left with an empty feeling as some key points are short-sold. For instance, the show focuses a lot on science, dedicating many episodes to the groups working on wormholes and other non-kaiju threats. However, this doesn't give Godzilla the in-depth screen time needed to make an impact. With that in mind, let's go over some of the things we want to see when Season 2 rolls around.

5. Season 2 of Singular Point Needs More Godzilla

Season 1 of Singular Point introduced Godzilla halfway through its 12 episode run and even after that, the lizard wasn't the main focus. As a result, when it goes through its evolutionary stages and uses its atomic breath to burn the Rodan flock to a crisp, it doesn't hit home as much.

Season 2 needs to have more of the beast, whether it's resurrected on Earth or another one comes in from its home dimension. This would allow more time for the creature's personality to develop, making it into more of a character as the MonsterVerse has done, as well as paint it as more of a threat against mankind's forces. You just can't have a Godzilla show and reduce the title creature to glorified cameos.

4. A Jet Jaguar Fleet Should be In Season 2


Seeing as Mei's A.I. got the code from the singular point portal and upgraded Jet Jaguar PP into a bomb by the end of Season 1, we need to now see the fleet created in this vein. This idea would follow in the footsteps of Godzilla Island with Jet Jaguars being multi-purpose -- some for firefighting, some for dirt terrain, some for lightning storms, etc..

This would also make the robots more flexible to fight different kinds of kaiju. It makes sense for its creator, Goro Otaki, to continue working with the military to make more weapons like this to protect the planet. Once they can harness the code that's been sent over, the potential exists to incorporate more badass 'bots into Japan's army, like Pacific Rim's Jaegers.

3. Singular Point Season 2 Needs the Debut of Mothra

Godzilla Mothra feature

In the final act of Singular Point Season 1, we saw golden moths flying through Tokyo. This needs to be followed up on by bringing in the Mother of Life, Mothra. The kaiju queen only grew in popularity when she was reintroduced into the MonsterVerse's King of the Monsters, so a similar arc could be followed in the anime series with her reviving Godzilla on this Earth.

She can also be used as a healing or calming presence for the monsters as they come over from various dimensions. Plus, it'd be great seeing Mei and Co. exploring Mothra Island and meeting her devoted followers too, helping them understand magic and science's connective tissue. Ashihara and many others discovered kaiju carcasses in the past, so Mothra existing somewhere else and having a culture built around her is an easy arc to integrate.

2. King Ghidorah Should be Brought Into Season 2

If kaiju are coming to Earth via rifts in Singular Point, it's an easy in for King Ghidorah to enter the fight. The three-headed dragon could easily arrive through a portal to combat alphas, such as a returned Godzilla, or another Jet Jaguar. In fact, as it loves flexing its muscles as an apex predator, it may even be the monster scaring other kaiju to this realm in the first place.

We often see Ghidorah depicted as a universe-eater, and if the anime sticks with this characterization -- using him as a hunter ravaging the multiverse with its electric storms -- that'd just up the stakes for Season 2. It'd also provide room for Godzilla to partner with humanity, as it's one to do, or even for Mechagodzilla to do some good against this destroyer.

1. Singular Point Season 2 Should Take Us to Other Dimensions

Seeing as the Archetype cubes and Red Dust are trans-temporal, we have to see Mei, Yun, BB and the good guys visiting other dimensions. There, they can discover various kinds of dust, unlock the secrets of the other Archetype states and also figure out more about new sources of energy, as Professor Li envisioned. Such a journey can really bring Mei and Yun's scientific journey to new heights, maybe even acting as a romantic vehicle for the two.

These potential trips through space and time can also be made by the sinister Shiva Consortium, who may be looking for new weapons, or use Mechagodzilla to kill, conquer and intimidate other worlds, using humanity as explorers, invaders and colonizers. Additionally, it might even result in Goro, Haberu, Jet Jaguar and Godzilla teaming up in a sentimental partnership, giving us a sense of family as they all work together to try to stop the villains' thirst for destruction and domination. This would tie perfectly into the franchise's theme of humanity falling victim to its own hubris.

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