Fruits Basket: Kyo Admits His Worst Mistake – and REPEATS It

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Fruits Basket: The Final Season Episode 8, "I'm Disappointed in You," now streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

In Episode 8 of Fruits Basket: The Final Season, Kyo reveals his darkest secret to Tohru. Tohru already loves him knowing he takes the physical form of a monster, but how will she respond to finding out the grave mistake that truly makes Kyo feel like a monster? It turns out Tohru still loves Kyo in spite of it all... and Kyo says he's disappointed in her for that. The cat is so convinced he's unworthy of love that he'll repeat the very mistake that makes him hate himself the most.

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Kyo confesses to Tohru the full story of his recently-unlocked horrifying memories of witnessing Kyoko's death. Kyoko had been one of Kyo's few positive adult role models in childhood. They bonded over their similar names and hair colors and spent a lot of time talking to each other, which he couldn't do with his hateful father and tortured mother. It was the incident with Yuki taking Kyo's baseball cap that ended Kyo's friendship with Kyoko; he interpreted her pleas for him to forgive his cousin as Kyoko siding with his enemy.

It would be years before the two would see each other again -- and when this happened, Kyoko died. Kyo could have saved Tohru's mother if he'd only pulled her away from the car about to hit her. But he chose not to because pulling a woman towards him could have caused him to transform into a cat, exposing his curse in public. He picked his own self-preservation over saving someone else's life, and if that decision alone wasn't enough to haunt him, hearing Kyoko say "I will never forgive you" in her dying breaths immediately made him flee the scene in fear.

After this, Kyo would bury these memories and cope with his self-hatred by pinning all his negative emotions on Yuki. This certainly wasn't fair to Yuki, but once again Kyo was fighting for himself in a way that hurt other people. He was prepared to fight Yuki in an attempt to win Akito's respect when Tohru, the girl he'd heard so much about from her mother, suddenly entered his life, gradually bringing all the memories Kyo had tried to forget up to the surface.

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Tohru has trouble believing her mother would be so unforgiving but says that, if that was the case, she is more than willing to rebel against her mom's wishes and forgive Kyo. She still truly loves him, so much so that Kyo's become even more important to her than her mom... and Kyo doesn't accept this, believing himself to be truly undeserving of love.

As he did when Kyoko died, Kyo runs away. As he does this, Akito is making her way towards Tohru with the same knife she stabbed Kureno with. By repeating his old mistakes, Kyo is getting scarily close to making his nightmare about Tohru's death a reality.

New episodes of Fruits Basket: The Final Season premiere Mondays, subbed on Crunchyroll and dubbed on Funimation.

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