Frank Ocean Drops ‘Dear April’ and ‘Cayendo’ On Streaming Platforms, As A Gift

Dear April, thank you for showering us with new acoustic Frank Ocean tracks to multiple streaming platforms. At midnight on April 3rd, the ever elusive Frank Ocean released “Dear April” and “Cayendo” to the general public. The tracks, first heard during a broadcast of his Beats 1 radio show “blonded RADIO” and at his misbegotten queer party this past fall, had previously only been available fans who had the good sense to pre-order the tracks on vinyl. Now, side-A of both tracks are available on Spotify and other streaming platforms. Maybe this was Ocean’s way of reaching out to fans who are no longer able to see him headline Coachella later this month because of the current global pandemic. Or perhaps he just wanted to show off his Spanish, as he does, quite beautifully, on “Cayendo.” Whatever the reason, we thank the powers at be for giving us more music to softly weep to while we lie in our beds under quarantine.