FBI Says California Man Threatened DC Over Jon Kent’s Coming Out Issue

According to an affidavit from a special agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), a California man admitted to threatening DC, one of its writers and IGN.com over the recent storyline where Jon Kent, the son of Superman and Lois Lane, came out as bisexual.

FBI Special Agent Casey Anderson revealed the information as part of a separate case against the man in Massachusetts, as he is charged with threatening the offices of Merriam-Webster over the dictionary changing the definition of the word "girl," leading to the company removing its employees from its offices for five days. As part of the case, the FBI is showing the history of the man in terms of threats that he made to other people and organizations.

The 34-year-old man from Rossmoor, California has a history of threatening people over LGTBQ+ issues, as well as other politically progressive issues. In the case of DC, when the news broke last October that Jon Kent would be coming out as bisexual, the California man sent threats to both DC and IGN.com, who reported the news. He sent eight messages to IGN, warning, "I am going to shoot up and bomb your headquarters for discriminating against conservatives and silencing conservative speech. The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat. I will kill you all for discriminating against and silencing me for criticizing the radical homosexual agenda."

An unnamed DC writer received death threats from the man threatening to kill him, rape him and kill his wife, as well. Among the multiple threats he sent to DC included, "I am going to shoot up and bomb your offices for ruining Superman."

The man, who has been interviewed by the FBI on a number of occasions, as his history of threats go back a number of years, told the FBI that he suffered from "obsessive-compulsive disorder, Aspergers, anxiety, and depression, and he struggles with impulse control." He acknowledged that he knew that the threats were wrong, but he could not keep himself from continuing to send them.

His mother told the FBI that her son "poses no threat to the community because he is reclusive, she supervises him, and he has no access to weapons." Allegedly, when he has his mother to vent to, he doesn't threaten people online, but as soon as his mother goes to sleep, he remains awake and begins to threaten people online.

The man was arrested in California on April 20 and will appear in Massachusetts in front of a federal judge on April 29 to respond to his charges of one count of interstate communication of threats to commit violence.

Source: ICv2.com

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