EXCLUSIVE: Catwoman: Hunted Scene Puts Selina and Batwoman in a Deadly Trap

A bold, new vision of the DC Universe is coming in the anime film Catwoman: Hunted, with an exclusive clip pitting Selina Kyle and Batwoman together against the fearsome crime lord Black Mask.

In the clip, Black Mask commands a small squad of armed goons to open fire on Catwoman and Batwoman during a tense standoff. While Selina would prefer to flee the fight altogether, Kate Kane charges right into the heart of battle and captures one of the gunman in an effort to get his associates to stand down. Unfazed, Black Mask executes his hapless henchman on the spot and encourages his men to resume their firefight targeting the two superheroes. Forced to work together against a mutual enemy, Catwoman and Batwoman realize that they have to learn how to work with each other if they hope to survive.

Catwoman: Hunted is written by Young Justice co-creator Greg Weisman and is helmed by influential anime filmmaker Shinsuke Terasawa. Terasawa has worked as an animator and director on everything from Dragon Ball Z to Lupin III, which is fitting, as Catwoman: Hunted is based around a globe-trotting heist style inspired by Lupin. This influence was visibly demonstrated in previously released clip as Selina parachutes into action while Batwoman remains highly suspicious of her impromptu partner's true motives. The anime film has Catwoman on the hunt for a priceless jewel that places her directly in the crosshairs of a supervillain syndicate, as well as Batwoman and Interpol.

Catwoman: Hunted features an all-star voice cast bringing its fan-favorite characters to life, including Elizabeth Gillies (Victorious) as Catwoman, Stephanie Beatriz (Encanto) as Batwoman, Jonathan Banks (Better Call Saul) as Black Mask, Lauren Cohan (The Walking Dead) as Julia Pennyworth and Keith David (Spawn) as Tobias Whale. Catwoman: Hunted was officially announced this past August , with a first look trailer unveiled the following October. The project marks the second DC anime feature film after 2018's Batman Ninja, which saw Batman and his rogues gallery transported to feudal Japan. While Batman Ninja employed a CG animation style, Catwoman: Hunted features largely traditional 2D animation, harkening back to its classic anime influences.

Catwoman: Hunted goes on sale Feb. 8. The anime film will be available for 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital HD.

Source: Warner Bros. Animation, YouTube

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