Everything You Need to Know about Chris Pop, the US-Based Independent Artist

Becoming an independent artist is a great accomplishment because it frees you from other people’s influence and control. You can never go wrong as an independent artist because of the many benefits of not being attached to a label. Independent artists typically have more control over their careers, the direction of their music, and the creative content they produce. They also get paid more because they act as their own record label and receive the full proceeds from their tracks. 


Additionally, independent artists are not bound by contracts or deadlines. As they are

their bosses, they are free to design their tours and perform wherever they like. While most of these artists’ success has been influenced by social media, they still have the copyright to their creations and a long-term turnover. Chris Pop is an artist who is thriving through independent music. He believes he is the distinctive artist you are yet to meet, and you should stay tuned to witness what he has in store.


Chris is a Georgia native with Nigerian roots. He was born and raised in Peachtree City, about an hour south of Atlanta. Together with his siblings, they were the first in his family to be born in the US. The musician revealed that even though his life has been a roller coaster ride, he is a complete lover of creativity and has been drawn to it in many forms, like a magnet.


Chris notes, “I have been a painter since I was 14, and started making music in 2012 after a guitarist friend listened to me sing and complimented my vocals. This gave me a huge confidence boost, and I haven’t looked back since. My musician friends also motivated me to learn how to engineer, mix, write music, and sing, which I did and have nothing to regret. Like many other musicians, I got into a bad record deal that I miraculously managed to come out of in 2017 and have been refining my brand and creating ever since.”


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Chris intends to create a whole mood and vibration. While some of his favorite songs aren’t necessarily the most technical, something magical about them makes you want to play them over and over. “Whether it’s the emotional quality of the lyrics or the impact

of the chords or melody. That infection's replay value is what I strive to achieve,” he declares.


The musician writes, records, and engineers his music but sometimes co-produces with some of his favorite producers like Mic Coats and Dreamlife. His days are filled with

creativity. He has a massive team of creatives and collaborators who always brainstorm and think of new ideas and content while locking themselves in the studio for hours or drawing inspiration from nature.


The independent artist makes infectious, catchy, classic music. He released his latest single, “Bad Baby.” a complete pop, soul-dance house crossover with a catchy hook. Besides this single, he has a few more that he’ll release in conjunction with a later EP and album.


“My next project will be an ode to my musical roots. It will touch on a few different genres, as one of my passions is creating completely new vibes with my work. It will touch on different emotions, from sad to ecstatic to love-struck. These are all things I

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feel, and I like to imbue my music with strong personal feelings,” Chris concluded.

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