Edens Zero Confirms Anime’s Second Season With Teaser Art

A second season of the Edens Zero anime has been confirmed.

The official Twitter account for the sci-fi series confirmed that Season 2 is already in production. The announcement was made alongside the reveal of a new piece of artwork from the series, which features the series' central trio of protagonists, Shiki, Rebecca and the robotic cat Happy, celebrating the show's renewal.

No other details about the second season have been revealed at this time, including information about its cast and crew or expected premiere date. The original season of the series was produced by J.C. Staff, an animation studio that is also known for its work on shows such as Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? and Nodame Cantabile. The anime stars Tokyo Revengers' Takumi Terashima as Shiki and Jujutsu Kaisen's Mikako Komatsu as Rebecca. The first season was helmed by chief director Shinji Ishihara, who previously worked on Fairy Tail and the isekai series Log Horizon, and episode director Yuji Suzuki, who tragically passed away on Sept. 9, 2021, shortly before the final three episodes of the season, which he directed, were broadcast in Japan. Suzuki also worked on the anime adaptation of Fairy Tail and the critically acclaimed sci-fi series Space Brothers.

Edens Zero is set in a spacefaring society and tells the story of Shiki Granbell, a young man who was raised by robots on an abandoned theme park planet and is gifted in the use of a piece of technology that allows him to manipulate gravity. Granbell leaves his planet after he meets Rebecca Bluegarden and her robotic companion Happy, who work as vloggers for the futuristic video site B-Cube. Using the titular spaceship Edens Zero, which Shiki inherited, the trio set out to explore the universe and seek out a figure known as Mother, who is said to be the goddess of the cosmos.

The sci-fi adventure series is based on a manga that premiered in 2018 and was created by award-winning writer and artist Hiro Mashima. Mashima is best known for his previous shonen series, Fairy Tail, which ran from 2006 - 2017 and achieved a global circulation of over 72 million copies in print. Fairy Tail also received an anime adaptation, which aired over 300 episodes from 2009 - 2019. He is also known for a number of other manga series, including his original work, 1999's Rave Master, as well as Monster Hunter Orange, a manga adaptation of Capcom's popular video game series.

The first season of Edens Zero is available for streaming exclusively through Netflix. Mashima's original manga is also available in English from publisher Kodansha USA.

Source: Twitter

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