Edens Zero Anime to Air in April 2021! | Anime News | TOM Shop: Figures & Merch From Japan

Upcoming TV anime Edens Zero is slated to air in Apr. 2021!

A teaser visual and main cast announcement was released along with the broadcast details. Shiki will be played by Terashima Takuma, Rebecca by Komatsu Mikiko, and Happy by Kugimiya Rie.

It was also announced that Konami will adapt the series as a game for both consoles and smartphones.

Edens Zero follows Shiki, a young man living alongside machines on a planet named Granbell. After a B-Cuber (or content creator) named Rebecca and her cat companion Happy visits, Shiki finds himself on an adventure through the universe, searching for a legendary goddess.

Edens Zero is slated to air in Apr. 2021.

Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!