Dress No Human Id

No Human Id is a brand of clothing and accessories inspired by
electronic music, based in Pamplona (Spain), which was born with the
desire to merge our passions, music, fashion, art, design, and

No Human Id creates our own collections with exclusive designs, together with
plastic and graphic artists from all over the world, who are
outstanding in different disciplines, thus providing a major
cultural approach.

Check their website HERE.

Inspirations found in musical styles such as Acid, Techno, or
Electro, in movements such as the Rave scene, or the Disco era, as
we can find too in the lyrics or titles of classic songs, classic
album covers, audio waves, music production equipment, filters, or
social movements, such as support LGTBI Collective, protection
against animal abuse, the fight against gender violence, equality,
racism, or the child rights protection, and care the planet.

In our catalogue you can find T-shirts, sweatshirts, dresses,
underwear, hats, mugs, slipmats, handmade record bags, backpacks
made from 100% recycled materials, or our own exclusive edition of
electronically-inspired wine with D.O. Rioja, which will be
available this spring, are just some of the products that are
already being distributed throughout Europe, America and Asia, and
in which quality and the message or inspiration prevail, with the
aim of offering to our users, the best experiences.

No Human Id is the first clothes brand that offers official
licensing services, aimed at artists, bands, labels, clubs, or other
organizations of the international music scene, with whom we made
collaborative, limited, and exclusive editions, as the recent works
with Orlando Voorn, Freddy K, Dj Skull, or Uncrat, as well as our
approach to contemporary art, with the performance piece and social
project made with the world famous “enfant terrible”, Abel Azcona.

Another important part of No Human Id is our professional
merchandising service, aimed at labels, dj’s, bands, clubs,
festivals, etc. with whom we conducted a joint study personalized to
adapt each project, or product, to their own needs, generating for
our customers significant returns, with minimal investment.