Dragon Ball’s Gods of Destruction Are Surprisingly Normal

The Gods of Destruction are some of the new characters and concepts introduced into the Dragon Ball universe in Dragon Ball Super. The counterparts to the Kais, the Gods, are some of the leading forces propelling the series, and they present a powerful cosmic group stronger than any team of warriors ever seen in the franchise.

Despite all of this incredible power, the Gods of Destruction can be incredibly goofy and otherwise irreverent. The Gods' free moments involve basking in beauty, eating their favorite snacks and wasting the day away on video streaming platforms -- pretty relatable. Here's a look at what the Gods of Destruction do and how their other behaviors belie these tasks.

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Who Are the Gods of Destruction?

As their name's violent connotation would suggest, the Gods of Destruction exist to bring decimation to various worlds throughout the multiverse. They are the opposites of the Supreme Kais, who bring balance by creating and fostering life instead of destroying it. Unlike the Kais, who are inherently divine, the Gods of Destruction are chosen and can be killed. Due to this, their members include beings from various species -- many of whom have extraordinary appearances. One such character is Iwan, who is essentially a gigantic humanoid furball.

True to their name, the Gods of Destruction are a lot less amicable and prone to helping mortals than the Supreme Kai. They will also gladly use these mortals as mere pawns to serve them for as long as they are deemed useful. Also, part of this parallel is that if all of the Supreme Kais die, the same will happen to the Gods of Destruction. This helps ensure balance in the many universes, as one group can not exist without the other.

The Gods of Destruction are Goofy and Relatable

Despite the vast power and their quickness to demonstrate it, the Gods of Destruction can be an incredibly petty, emotional and strangely relatable lot. Many of them have incredibly short tempers, making others quickly get out of their way to avoid their wrath.

Others have individual quirks, such as Beerus' penchant for snacks and food -- something that once almost made him come to blows with the Elder Kai, as he was angry over having his meal interrupted. On the other hand, Heles is incredibly vain and destroys things simply because she finds them ugly. This makes her the only God of Destruction to respect Goku because she finds him attractive.

The Gods aren't above getting caught up in the latest in entertainment, either. They have a programming channel called GodTube, which, much like it sounds, is a YouTube-like service that allows the Gods to watch the events going on throughout the multiverse. Gowase even aims to become a GodTuber on the platform, making it seem that the multiversal deities aren't above getting caught up in e-celebrity fandom. Other somewhat tongue-in-cheek pastimes of theirs include reading God Comics.

Being a God of Destruction isn't a lifetime gig because the position can be lost if they aren't doing their job correctly or fail to take them seriously. Aside from demonstrating the stakes and how important the job is, this also means that characters could become Gods of Destruction.

These traits and tendencies serve to make the role and those who occupy it seem like average Joes, with their likes, dislikes and trend to laze about their jobs. With Earth's king being an anthropomorphic dog named King Furry, the Dragon Ball franchise has always had a propensity for having either insignificant or lackadaisical characters in positions of power.  Divinity has never been particularly ostentatious in the Dragon Ball world, and with it essentially just being a cosmic day job for the Gods of Destruction, it's no wonder they try to goof off and enjoy life as much as they can.