Dragon Ball: Who Was the Ginyu Force’s Lost Female Member?

Leading up to the release of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, many were hyped by the news that we would be meeting a new member of the Ginyu Force in the game -- this time, a female warrior. Bonyu was teased early on in the promotion. Designed by Akira Toriyama, Bonyu appeared briefly in a small sub-quest in the game. However, new characters, especially villains, are always fascinating in Dragon Ball Z.

However, many people ultimately did not learn Bonyu's story, with her being hidden away as data in the spaceship Goku ultimately used to escape Namek. Bonyu herself never appears in the game -- you only fight a data recreation of her, courtesy of Bulma. So who was the real Bonyu? What did she do to merit being a part of the Ginyu Force? And why, ultimately, did she leave?

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The Origin of the Secret Ginyu Force Member, Bonyu

Bonyu hails from Planet Brench, the same planet from which fellow Ginyu Force Member Jeice and Cooler's henchman Salza hails from. Bonyu, however, is significantly chubbier, shorter and stronger than Jeice. She proved an adept enough soldier to catch Ginyu's eye immediately. Bonyu was Ginyu's first choice for the Ginyu Force.

However, while she was incredibly strong and powerful, she had one key objection to Ginyu: his curious ideas about posing. Ginyu's insistence that the Ginyu Force posed drove Bonyu away almost immediately. She declined membership, choosing to become instead just another member of Frieza's army. Her fate after the fall of Frieza remains uncertain.

Where is Bonyu Now?

In-game, you only fight a data-recreation of Bonyo as determined by the information that you receive on her. However, she's never seen on Namek, and, as we learned in both the short film "Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!" and Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F', Frieza's henchmen remained a presence in the years following his death.

So this begs the question: if Bonyo wasn't seen during Frieza's return invasion on Earth, what happened to her? It is certainly possible that she remained as a loyal member of Frieza's army or perhaps joined the forces of either King Cold or Cooler. However, her lack of appearances in prior Dragon Ball related media seems to indicate that she, even in the current era of Dragon Ball Super or after the epilogue of Dragon Ball Z, might still be alive.

Is there any chance that Bonyu will actually reappear in Dragon Ball canon? Probably not. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is non-canon with the main continuity. While it's possible that Bonyu might appear in a video game in the future, it is not likely that we will see Bonyo appear in, say, Dragon Ball Super when or if it comes back. Bonyu might just very well retire into obscurity, fighting her fight in the distant corners of the universe, perhaps very grateful she dodged a bullet by ditching the Ginyu Force behind before they could meet Goku and friends.

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