Berserk’s Griffith Vs. Hellsing’s Alucard – Who Would Win In a Fight?

Anime horrors Alucard from Hellsing and Griffith from Berserk exist as polar opposites. Alucard is a vampire-slaying vampire who serves the Hellsing Organization and its mistress, Integra Hellsing. Griffith is the fifth part of the God Hand, Femto, and self-made messianic figure granted immeasurable power by sacrificing all of his loved ones. Both of them are among the most powerful entities in their respective worlds -- virtually indestructible and capable of rewriting reality on a whim.

If two of the most monstrous figures in anime went head-to-head in an all-out battle, which would emerge the victor? Would the most powerful vampire alive be able to subdue the arrogant Supreme Military Commander of Army, or would Femto be able to erase Alucard from reality with all the powers of Hell?

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Would Alucard's Guns Subdue Griffith's Sword?

Hellsing Ultimate Alucard

In a confrontation, neither Alucard nor Griffith would start by unleashing their full powers. Griffith is a master swordsman, made only more skilled following his supernatural rebirth. However, Alucard is just as fierce a fighter with his guns -- Jackall and Casull. Both guns are too powerful for an ordinary human to operate, with bullets capable of blowing apart reinforced walls with a single shot.

At close-range, Alucard is no slouch either. He exhibits supernatural strength, speed and reflexes, able to catch one of Rip Van Winkle's bullets in his teeth.... and that's not even Alucard at his full power. The more Power Restrictions Alucard unlocks, the stronger he becomes, making the sheer limits of his physical power uncertain.

However, Griffith might already have an edge. Griffith, as a normal human, was strong enough to carve through Nosferatu Zod's flesh, making him one of the few humans mighty enough to even injure an Apostle, and that's before he became Femto. After his rebirth, Griffith was able to carve through Emperor Ganishka's imperial guard in a matter of seconds with just his sword, demonstrating his increased physical strength, speed, and dexterity.

To make matters worse for Alucard, Griffith can control probability causality. Should an attack come for him, he can decide to just alter reality enough for that attack to miss. Griffith could manipulate circumstances so that Jackall and Casull, for example, might jam before the first bullet is fired, rendering those weapons useless.

Alucard Can Regenerate From Anything, But Griffith is Indestructible

Inevitably, both are going to be struck by one another's attacks, but this will not matter as far as the fate of this battle is concerned. No matter what Griffith does to Alucard, the vampire will regenerate, and no matter what Alucard does to Griffith, he can never hurt him.

Normal means of killing vampires, such as piercing the heart or ripping off the head, don't even phase Alucard. His regenerative abilities seemingly have no limits. In his battle against Schrodinger, Alucard is completely erased and reduced to nothingness, yet, after 30 years, still comes back.

Griffith's true form, however, is literally indestructible. Existing beyond both the physical or astral world, no physical or spiritual attack can ever hurt Griffith. Even other Apostles, demons who exist beyond the mortal realm, cannot harm him. His power is so absolute that one character, the Skull Knight, compares fighting Griffith to a fictional character trying to fight their author. He simply exists beyond reality itself.

While Alucard has increased endurance and can take several hits, he will bleed if hit hard enough. This means that Griffith could, in theory, carve Alucard wide open until he's a cloud of blood, but Alucard would still be alive and ready to reform into whatever shape he wishes. The only way to put Alucard down would be to eradicate him on a cellular level, while the only way Griffith could be taken down is if Alucard could manipulate reality itself... and it turns out both of these monsters have a way to do just that.

Both Alucard and Griffith Are All-Powerful... But Griffith Moreso

Alucard possesses extreme telekinesis, telepathy, control over the weather and the power to conjure every single one of his victims into an army under his sole control. In his Zero-Restrictions form, Alucard is powerful enough to reduce vampire armies to dust and eradicate the strongest of his opponents. Alucard's physical form is entirely malleable, and he can control both his own blood and that of others.

After absorbing the reality warper Schrodinger, Alucard is temporarily erased from reality for 30 years, but after reviving himself, Alucard reaches a state of such omnipotence that he claims to be everywhere and everything at once. He becomes one with reality itself, making it his to manipulate at will. At this point, fighting Alucard would be as futile as trying to stop the sun from rising... unless you had power beyond that of the universe.

However, Griffith can control causality in such an extreme manner that time and space are bent to his will. Even if someone with supernatural abilities barrels through his control of causality, Griffith can manipulate space and time around him to manipulate any attack that comes at him. The laws of physics are in his favor.

While Alucard might physically be more powerful and demonstrate more varied abilities than Griffith, Alucard still exists in the universe. The universe is within Griffith's complete control. Alucard might be powerful, but that means nothing to Griffith. If the two fought, Griffith would win.

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