Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Casts New Characters

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has found its Red Ribbon Army.

As reported by Comic Natalie, the next Dragon Ball movie revealed the voice actors who will be portraying the movie's newly revived Red Ribbon Army. Miyu Irino, who is best known to Western audiences as the voice of Haku in Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away and the Japanese voice of Sora in Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts series, will play the role of Dr. Head, the creator of the Gamma androids and the new leader of the organization. Volcano Ota will voice Magenta, the president of a pharmaceutical company that has been secretly funding that Red Ribbon Army's activities. Ota previously voiced several characters in the Dragon Ball Super anime, including Zirloin and Tupper. Ryota Takeuchi, who is best known for playing Elias in the Ancient Magus' Bride, will voice Carmine, Magenta's chauffeur.

The casting news comes after this year's Jump Festa convention, which revealed a new trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero that highlighted Gohan's return to his classic, Piccolo-inspired purple gi and white cape. The festival also revealed the voices for the Red Ribbon Army's new androids, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, who will apparently serve as the primary antagonists of the new film. Gamma 1 will be voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya, who is best known as the voice of the aloof Titan-killer Levi Ackerman in Attack on Titan. Gamma 2 will be portrayed by actor and singer Mamoru Miyano, who previously starred as Light Yagami in the Death Note anime.

The Red Ribbon Army antagonized an adolescent Goku throughout his original journey to collect the Dragon Balls. Goku defeated the army and destroyed their headquarters, but a scientist who worked for the organization named Dr. Gero would return decades later and try to get revenge on the Saiyan by unleashing his team of powerful androids, which included the compassionate Android 16 and the beautiful Android 18. In an alternate timeline, Dr. Gero built a supercomputer that was responsible for the creation of Cell, a genetically engineered warrior that combined the abilities of Goku, Vegeta and Frieza. While he was eventually defeated by Gohan, Cell remains one of the most popular villains from Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will premiere in Japan on April 22. An international release date for the movie has yet to be announced, but the movie's producers previously announced that they were working to shorten the gap between Japanese Dragon Ball premieres and their western releases.

Source: Comic Natalie

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