Boruto: [SPOILER]’s Re-Acquired Power Spells Bad News for Naruto’s Dreaded Fate

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 65, "Karma Power" by Masashi Kishimoto, Mikio Ikemoto, Mari Morimoto and Snir Aharon, now available in English at Viz Media and Manga Plus.

Fans of the Naruto franchise were shocked when Boruto foreshadowed the beloved Naruto's death in its pilot chapter. While it wasn't clear as to how exactly the Seventh Hokage will meet his end, it clearly showed both Boruto and Kawaki wielding their Karma. It's been a puzzle to fans as to how can this happen given that Momoshiki is still plaguing Boruto. However, a new development in Chapter 65 brings the series one step closer to that dreaded death.

There's been constant displeasure among Naruto fans as the original characters of the series receive multiple nerfs. The series goes as far as killing Naruto's oldest companion and taking away Sasuke's strongest visual prowess. Though this may seem detrimental to the story, it's been done to level the playing field and give opportunities for the next generation to take the limelight. Kawaki and his wit had a moment to shine when he played an instrumental role in slaying Isshiki, however, Isshiki took Kawaki's greatest power with him -- or so fans thought.

In Chapter 65, in order to defeat Code, Boruto popped one of Amado's drugs into his mouth, but he still collapsed from Momoshiki's interference, similar to what happened when Momoshiki implanted the Karma mark on him. Momoshiki took over Boruto's body and fought Code in his stead, unleashing one ridiculous technique after another. Even after Code took Kawaki as a hostage, Momoshiki saved Kawaki with a Rasendan, a bullet-like Rasengan.

Kawaki using Karma in Boruto

Kawaki didn't take the alien's rescue well and tried to fight back, but he was easily knocked down. This forced Naruto to make a move and save the boy from the Otsutsuki, ultimately prompting both villains to turn their attention on the Hokage. Momoshiki planned to end Naruto with a Massive Rasengan, and Kawaki couldn't sit idly by. He brandished a familiar power -- his Karma -- to absorb the jutsu.

Since Isshiki has already perished, Kawaki's new Karma no longer holds the threat of possession. Amado explained that the power has been purely weaponized. While this is a welcome upgrade for Kawaki, it also reminds readers of Naruto's imminent end since both Kawaki and Boruto bore their Karma marks during the foreshadowed scene. Kawaki even mentioned killing Naruto as he threatened Boruto.

In addition to Kawaki, it has also been hinted that Boruto will play a role in his father's death. However, it remains unknown if he'll have dealt with Momoshiki by the time his father dies. If Boruto is still possessed during that dreaded, foreshadowed scene, then readers may witness the Hero of Hidden Leaf perishing sooner rather than later. Kawaki regaining his Karma powers prove that the new shinobi are capable of doing the world-saving, and that leaves Naruto without plot armor.

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